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  • Natural gas flow meterNatural gas flow meter2018/11/15Natural gas flow meter price is often been asked by our customers, and we always choose a proper type gas flow sensors for customers, the main natural gas flow meter is Thermal mass flow meter, turbine flow meter, Vortex Flow meters.view
  • MOLASSES FLOWMETERMOLASSES FLOWMETER2018/11/15Molasses are very viscous and have poor fluidity and are a medium that is tough job to measure flow rate. We generally choose Coriolis flow meter or oval gear flow meter for the molasses flow measurement.view
  • High Viscosity Fluid Flow MetersHigh Viscosity Fluid Flow Meters2018/11/16Oval Gear flowmeters and Coriolis Mass Flow meter can be applied to high-viscosity liquids.Silver Automation Instruments is a supplier for High Viscosity Fluid Flow Meters from China manufactures,welcome to contact us to obtain the low price cost for theview
  • Slurry Magnetic Flow MeterSlurry Magnetic Flow Meter2018/11/21SHD-SE16 Series Slurry Magnetic Flow Meter is for flow measurement in high-noise slurry applications; flow sensors for sludge, slurries and solids.view
  • Digital gas flow meter with 4-20mA outputDigital gas flow meter with 4-20mA output2019/01/04Gas flow meters needs signal transmissionWith the progress of modern industry, fieldgas flow measuring instruments with only local display can no longer meet thedevelopment of various industries. With...view
  • Acid resistant flow metersAcid resistant flow meters2019/01/13Flow meters recommended for use with acids or chemically aggressive liquids. Silver Automation Instruments supplies acid resistant flow meters to measure the flow of strong hot corrosive acids like su...view
  • compressed air flow metercompressed air flow meter2018/01/02Air or compressed air Flow measurement can use thermal mass flow meter or vortex flow meters.view
  • Fluid Pressure SensorFluid Pressure Sensor2018/01/03The fluid pressure sensor is a device that can feel the pressure signal and converts the pressure signal to the available output signal in accordance with a certain rule. The fluid pressure sensors ar...view
  • Liquid Level MeasurementLiquid Level Measurement2018/01/03The liquid level measurement is a pressure sensor for measuring liquid level. The input type level transmitter with static pressure (liquid-level gauge) is based on the principle that the static press...view
  • Food Temperature ProbeFood Temperature Probe2018/01/03The food temperature probe is an unique new generation of needle probe thermometers with a view to accuracy, durability and readability. Specifications are designed under strict industry standards to ...view
  • Digital Water Flow MeterDigital Water Flow Meter2018/01/03We often use Electromagnetic flow meter as digital water flow meter, this digital water flowmeteris powered by 24V DC,220VAC or battery , it has digital display to indicate instant flowand total flow,view
  • Natural Gas Pressure GaugeNatural Gas Pressure Gauge2018/01/03The main type of natural gas pressure gauge is capsule pressure gauge, which is also known as micro-pressure gauge. It is used to measure the micro pressure of liquid, gas or steam that is non-explosi...view
  • Water Level TransmitterWater Level Transmitter2018/01/03Water level transmitter is a kind of transmitter commonly used in the automation of water industry. It is widely used in the measurement and control of water level in industrial water treatment engine...view
  • Liquid Temperature ProbeLiquid Temperature Probe2018/01/03A temperature probe is a sensor that can sense the temperature and convert it into an available output signal. The temperature probe is the core part of a temperature measurement instrument. There are...view
  • Oil Flow MeterOil Flow Meter2018/01/03Oil flow meter is a precise instrument used to measure the flow of liquid. The oil flow meter keeps in line with the PRC's professional standard of JB/t9242-1999, and is novel in design and reasonable...view