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  • Oil Level TransmitterOil Level Transmitter2018/01/03The oil level transmitter is a device that analyzes the the change of the capacitance between the sensor shell and inductive electrodes after the oil enters the container, and the change will be conve...view
  • Water Temperature SensorWater Temperature Sensor2018/01/03The temperature sensor is composed of the thermostat part and the water level control part, and it is equipped with the decompression device in front of the electric valve and the rotary anechoic heat...view
  • Oxygen Pressure GaugeOxygen Pressure Gauge2018/01/05Because of the strong oxidizing property of oxygen, a special pressure gauge is necessary to measure the pressure of oxygen — oxygen pressure gauge. There are clear rules and indicators for oxygen pr...view
  • Steam Flow MeterSteam Flow Meter2018/01/03Vortex flowmeters are often used to measure steam flow. When measuring steam mass flow, we will be equipped with industrial temperature sensor (RTD), pressure transmitter and AJ series flow totalizer.view
  • Fuel Level Sensor/Oil Level TransmitterFuel Level Sensor/Oil Level Transmitter2018/01/03The principle of capacitive flue level sensor is the linear change of the capacitance generated by the entered liquid medium between positive and negative electrodes -- the capacitance change (the cha...view
  • Oil Temperature SensorOil Temperature Sensor2018/01/03A temperature sensor is a sensor that can sense the temperature and change it to a useful output signal. Temperature sensor is the core part of temperature measurement instruments. The temperature sen...view
  • Diesel Flow MeterDiesel Flow Meter2018/01/03we often use oval gear flow meter and liquid turbine flow meter to measure fuel ,diesel ,petro flow rate.Buy diesel flow meter from China manufacture.view
  • Bubble Level TransmitterBubble Level Transmitter2018/01/03Liquid level transmitter is developed from pressure transmitter technology. According to the principle that the generated pressure is linearly related to liquid of different proportion at different he...view
  • nitrogen flow meter/N2 Flow Meternitrogen flow meter/N2 Flow Meter2018/01/03The nitrogen flowmeter is made under the principle of Carmen vortex street. It has the advantages of high measurement precision, wide range, low power consumption, convenient installation, simple oper...view
  • Solid Level Sensor/Powder level transmitterSolid Level Sensor/Powder level transmitter2018/01/05Solid level sensors use solid electrolyte gas sensing materials to make gas sensor. The principle is that the gas sensing materials produce ions when passing through the gas, thus forming the electro...view
  • Resin Flow MeterResin Flow Meter2018/01/03Resin with high viscosity , we use oval gear flow meter and coriolis flow meter to measure resin flow rate.view
  • Sewage Level SensorSewage Level Sensor2018/01/05Liquid level meter is a special measuring instrument for measuring liquid medium. Liquid level meter is widely applied in sewage treatment, and its effect on sewage treatment is also very great.Grid ...view
  • Sewage Flow Meter/wastewater flow meterSewage Flow Meter/wastewater flow meter2018/01/05The sewage flow meter is composed of the water level velocity sensor (probe), the upper monitor (terminal machine) and the communication cable. It is used to measure the volume flow of various sewage ...view
  • Oxygen Flow MeterOxygen Flow Meter2018/01/05The oxygen flow meter consists of a flow sensor and a flow meter. The sensor part adopts a disposable packaging technology, and the working life is 35 years. The product adopts the latest measurement ...view
  • Refrigerant Flow MeterRefrigerant Flow Meter2018/07/31Flow meters can also be used in air condition industry, such as to measure refrigerant flow, here is the case for Refrigerant flow meter selection, let’s see the case:Questions:We have a requirement ...view