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  • Syrup Flow metersSyrup Flow meters2018/01/03​We are China manufacture syrup flow meter supplier, can provide oval gear flow meter and coriolis mass flow meter with low price and stable quality,don't hesitate to contact us.view
  • Thermal Mass FlowmeterThermal Mass Flowmeter2018/01/03The mass flowmeter applies the thermal measurement, measuring the flow through measuring the mass of the taken molecules. Because of the thermal measurement, the result will not be affected by the tem...view
  • Chemical Flow MeterChemical Flow Meter2018/01/03The chemical flow meter is composed of two parts - the sensor and the converter. It is based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. It is used to measure the volume flow of conductive liquid w...view
  • Wastewater Flow MeterWastewater Flow Meter2018/01/03The waste water flow meter is a flow measuring instrument for measuring the volume flow of various conductive fluid or waste water contained solid.view
  • LPG Gas Flow meterLPG Gas Flow meter2018/01/03We normally choose LPG gas flow meters include: gas turbine flowmeter, thermal mass flowmeter, vortex flowmeter, and these gas flowmeters all need explosion-proof function.view
  • Gas Flow meterGas Flow meter2018/11/14Gas flow meter is a kind of flow measuring instruments that measure the flow of a gas. This article talks about mainly gas flow instruments such as thermal mass flow meter, vortex shedding flow sensor ,turbine flowmeter,rotameter.view
  • Natural gas flow meterNatural gas flow meter2018/11/15Natural gas flow meter price is often been asked by our customers, and we always choose a proper type gas flow sensors for customers, the main natural gas flow meter is Thermal mass flow meter, turbine flow meter, Vortex Flow meters.view
  • MOLASSES FLOWMETERMOLASSES FLOWMETER2018/11/15Molasses are very viscous and have poor fluidity and are a medium that is tough job to measure flow rate. We generally choose Coriolis flow meter or oval gear flow meter for the molasses flow measurement.view
  • High Viscosity Fluid Flow MetersHigh Viscosity Fluid Flow Meters2018/11/16Oval Gear flowmeters and Coriolis Mass Flow meter can be applied to high-viscosity liquids.Silver Automation Instruments is a supplier for High Viscosity Fluid Flow Meters from China manufactures,welcome to contact us to obtain the low price cost for theview
  • Slurry Magnetic Flow MeterSlurry Magnetic Flow Meter2018/11/21SHD-SE16 Series Slurry Magnetic Flow Meter is for flow measurement in high-noise slurry applications; flow sensors for sludge, slurries and solids.view
  • compressed air flow metercompressed air flow meter2018/01/02Air or compressed air Flow measurement can use thermal mass flow meter or vortex flow meters.view
  • Digital Water Flow MeterDigital Water Flow Meter2018/01/03We often use Electromagnetic flow meter as digital water flow meter, this digital water flowmeteris powered by 24V DC,220VAC or battery , it has digital display to indicate instant flowand total flow,view
  • Oil Flow MeterOil Flow Meter2018/01/03Oil flow meter is a precise instrument used to measure the flow of liquid. The oil flow meter keeps in line with the PRC's professional standard of JB/t9242-1999, and is novel in design and reasonable...view
  • Steam Flow MeterSteam Flow Meter2018/01/03Vortex flowmeters are often used to measure steam flow. When measuring steam mass flow, we will be equipped with industrial temperature sensor (RTD), pressure transmitter and AJ series flow totalizer.view
  • Diesel Flow MeterDiesel Flow Meter2018/01/03we often use oval gear flow meter and liquid turbine flow meter to measure fuel ,diesel ,petro flow rate.Buy diesel flow meter from China manufacture.view