Hot Water Meter

The hot water meter is a kind of temperature measurement instrument. According to the temperature of the medium, it can be divided into the cold water meter and the hot water meter, with 30 ℃ being the boundary. The floor temperature of the hot water meter is 30 ℃, and the ceiling temperature is 90 ℃ or 130 ℃ or 180 ℃. The main control parameters of the hot water meter are the flow rate of the water meter, the commonly used flow rate, the overload flow rate, the minimum flow rate, the boundary flow rate, the nominal pressure, the maximum allowable working pressure and the pressure loss.

When selecting water meter, we should first consider the working environment of the water meter, such as water temperature, working pressure, working time, the range of measurement and the quality of water; then decide the diameter of the water meter according to the design flow and the pressure loss which should be close to and below the specified value. The nominal diameter of the water meter should be determined when the average flow rate is below the common flow. The water meter should be installed in a place where it is easy to repair and read, and is far from sun exposure, freezing, pollution and mechanical damages. The maximum working temperature of the hot water meter is 110℃. If the hot water meter is installed near the boiler or heat exchanger, a check valve should be set behind the water meter in order to prevent reflow.
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