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  • Resin phenolic pressure gaugeResin phenolic pressure gauge2019/04/16Safety Resin phenolic pressure gauge with solid baffle wall designedExcellent load-cycle stability and shock resistancePHENOL CASE PRESSURE GAUGE Technical SpecificationsNominal Size: 41/2” Pressure...view
  • Electromagnetic FlowmeterElectromagnetic Flowmeter2017/04/12Buy Quality Electromagnetic Flow meter from China manufacture in low price and fast delivery time. Get the Mag meter Price cost now from SILVER AUTOMATION INSTRUMENTS.view
  • Ultrasonic Level MeterUltrasonic Level Meter2017/04/13Ultrasonic Level Meter OverviewHL Ultrasonic level meter is non contact liquid level sensor for liquids and solids level measurement. Ultrasonic sensor consists of probe and host, both of which are pl...view
  • Wall Mount Ultrasonic FlowmeterWall Mount Ultrasonic Flowmeter2018/06/22FeaturesMeasurement accuracy 1%Convertor protection class IP67, transducer protection class IP68Wide measurement range, pipe size DN25 to DN6000.Three types installation method: wall mount, DIN-rail m...view
  • Paperless Temperature Chart RecorderPaperless Temperature Chart Recorder2018/11/26Paperless temperature chart recorder can max have 16 channels of industrial temperature sensor inputs which is a kind of data acquisition device; it can record the temperature value from thermocouple or RTD.view
  • Teflon Lining Diaphragm Seal Pressure GaugeTeflon Lining Diaphragm Seal Pressure Gauge2018/12/04Teflon coating and lining diaphragm seal pressure gauge are manufactured for protecting the pressure gauge from strong corrosive medium.view