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Digital flow meters for Water

When talking about digital flow meter water, we often recommend electromagnetic flow meter, turbine flow meter and vortex flow meters. All these flow meters are low cost digital water flow meters and the most important is that it is with stable functions.

Electromagnetic Flow meter For Water Flow Measurement 

magnetic water flow meter

All SHD series magnetic flow meters with digital display to show instant flow and total flow, and the parameters can be configured through the display.


1) With displays to show fluids flow information.

2) Standard with 4-20mA analog output and pulse output.

3) Option with RS485, Profibus DP communication , Hart Protocol

4) All flow transmitters parameters can be configured through the integral display.

5) Low cost electronic water flow meter, no moving parts inside the mag flow sensor.

Turbine Flow meter For Water Flow Measurement

turbine flow meter

TUF flow meter as digital water flow meter is also an economical choice. SLW series Turbine flow meter for water is only for clean water without any solids, and it can measure water with low conductivity.


1) Turbine flow can have electronic display to show fluids information.

2) It has option for battery power or 24V DC power supply.

3) It can have analog output or pulse outputs, it can even have RS485 communication.

4) Electronic display can set parameters, such as clear the total flow, set flow units, set flow meter k Factor and so on.

Vortex flow meter For Water Flow Measurement

vortex water flow meter

Vortex flow meter can measure gas, steam and liquids, ant of course it can measure water. Vortex flow meter can have wafer or flange process connections. Vortex flow meter is used as electronic water flow meter features:


1) Digital Display to show information of passing water, such as total flow, instant flow.

2) It is 24V DC power supply, 2-wire electronic water flow meter.

3) Option with HART, RS485 communication.

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