Sheathed Thermocouple Features

Mineral insulated thermocouple (sheathed thermocouple) has the following advantages over conventional protection tube or wire-insulator industrial thermocouple.

1. A wide application in temperature measurement

Small diameter thermocouple is very useful for the place where space is at premium. Mineral insulated thermocouple is resistant to high pressure and also used at wide range of temperature from-200°C to +1260 °C, we can make boiler thermocouple, furnace thermocouple, oil temperature sensor.,etc. high temperature thermocouple

2. Quick response

Sheathed thermocouples have small heat capacity due to the small sheath size; the small thermal mass is highly sensitive to change in temperature and gives a very fast response, for example, we make surface thermocouple.

3. Easily bent for installation

The ability to form mineral insulated thermocouple on a radius twice the sheath diameter makes for simple and on-the-spot installation into complex configurations.

4. Long life span

Contrary to conventional industrial thermocouples which suffer from deterioration of electromotive force or wire disconnection.etc. Sheathed thermocouple wires are insulated with chemically stable magnesium oxide. Thus assuring a longer service life.

5. Excellent mechanical strength and pressure resistance

The composite construction is resistant to extremely high vibration levels, and by choosing appropriate sheath material (such as ceramic thermocouple, platinum thermocouple), it is reliable to use in corrosive atmospheres and abnormally high or low temperatures. Though it has small diameter, it can withstand about 350Mpa at a temperature of 650 °C, it can work as high pressure thermocouple.

6. Custom sheath outer diameter available

Thermocouple Sheath outer diameter sizes between 0.25mm and 12.7mm can be provided.

7. Custom long length

Thermocouple probe Length are available up to a maximum of 400m. Maximum length of Thermocouple probe is dependent upon the sheath outer diameter. Please provide temperature sensor manufacturer for the length you need.

8. Compatible with special needs

We are a China temperature sensor manufacturer, and can correspond to various needs from customers.  Where to buy thermocouple and what is the cost of thermocouple? Here is the answer to you.