A thermocouple is a closed loop circuit that consists of two dissimilar metal wires welded together at both ends. When a temperature difference exists between the two junctions of industrial thermocouple, thermal electromotive force (EMF) is generated and an electric current flows in the closed circuit of temperature sensor. The direction and magnitude of the EMF generated depend upon the temperature of the two junctions and upon the materials making up the thermocouple sensor probe ,and are not affected by the size or length of the thermocouple wire, temperature can be measured by knowing beforehand the change of EMF per degree change of temperature for a certain thermocouple sensor. In selecting the right industrial thermocouples for your particular application, you should pick industrial temperature sensor   that is stable in performance over a long period of continuous use and which also meets your requirements are to temperature range, purpose, usage, accuracy needed,etc. Our standard thermocouples temperature probe include B type thermocouple, R type thermocouples, S type thermocouple, N type thermocouple, K type thermocouple (chromel alumel thermocouple), E type thermocouple, J type thermocouple  and T type thermocouple , temperature sensor manufacturer makes all of the temperature thermocouple conforms to the IEC. Also available are types W5Re/W26Re thermocouples .You can select the right thermocouple for your particular requirement from our product line. As a China temperature sensor manufacturer, we provide cheap temperature sensor, and all the industrial thermocouple is custom probes.

Mineral insulated thermocouple wires that are surrounded by a compacted mineral insulations (MgO) are contained in sheath such as stainless steel or heat resisting steel. On the basis of this mineral insulated construction, a wide variety of otherwise difficult applications are possible. Compared with general-purpose (protection tube types) thermocouples, sheathed thermocouple has many advantages.