Resistance Thermometer Detector Configuration

The sensores de temperatura pt100 is composed of a resistance element. Internal conductors, insulated tube, protection tube, reinforcing tube, terminal head and other necessary mounting effacements.

1. Resistance element

The pt100 rtd sensor uses our high-precision ceramic element. Provided with a stainless steel finish having excellent heat transfer, which is secured within the protection tube, providing pt temperature sensor with excellent resistance to vibration.

2. Internal lead wire

The internal lead wire of sensor temperatura pt100 is used to connect a resistance element and terminal. The standard nickel lead wire is of the 3 wire type (3 wire rtd ). But also available are 2 –wire and 4-wire rtd probe.

3. Insulated tube

This insulated tube of rtd sensor is used for internal lead wire insulation and short-circuit prevention: fiber glass sleeving is used for low and medium temperature. And a ceramic insulator for high temperature measurement.

4. Protection Tube

This protection tube of platinum rtd is used to protect a resistance element, internal lead wires.etc, from ambient conditions, and pt100 temperature sensor is also fitted with mounting attachments and terminal heads.,etc. for easy installation, Rtd probe tube may be subjected to extremely severe operating conditions. It is therefore necessary to select pt100 temperature sensor materials and shape suitable to the operation temperature, atmosphere,applications,etc.

5. Terminal head and terminal plate

This terminal head is used to connect the resistance temperature detector (RTDs) with external lead wire. In addition to the standard weather-proof type (Aluminum diecast). Pt100 temperature sensor is also available are other types of platinum rtd materials and shapes suitable for specific applications.

6. Mounting Attachment 

This mounting attachment is provided for a protection tube to install the resistance temperature detector (RTD probe) to a measuring point.