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Resistance Thermometer Detector (RTD)

Resistance Thermometer Detector (RTD)

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Basic Type RTD

Basic Type RTD

RTD with lead wire

RTD with lead wire

RTD with connection head

RTD with connection head

RTD with connection head/nipple

RTD with connection head/nipple

RTD with connection head/nipple/union

RTD with connection head/nipple/union

RTD with connection head/thermowell/Flange installed

RTD with connection head/thermowell/Flange installed

Spring Loaded RTD with head/nipple

Spring Loaded RTD with head/nipple

Spring Loaded RTD with head/nipple/union

Spring Loaded RTD with head/nipple/union

Explosion proof RTD

Explosion proof RTD

Above are product samples, and all RTDs are fabricated according to each customers’ different demands. Welcome to send inquiry or drawings to ask for the RTD price.

Resistance Thermometer Detector Overview

Generally, electrical resistance of metal varies depending on the temperature. Platinum in particular is more linear and has a higher temperature coefficient than most other metals. Then Resistance Thermometer detector (RTD) manufacture makes platinum rtd temperature sensor for temperature measurements. Platinum RTD has excellent properties chemically and physically. Industrial high purity elements are readily obtained which can be sued over a long period of time as the resistance element for RTD sensor temperature measurement.

Mineral Insulated Resistance Thermometer Sensor (sheathed RTDs) is so constructed that conductors and temperature elements are surrounded by inorganic insulation (MgO) within a stainless steel or heat resisting steel sheath. Using sensor rtd, a wide variety of applications is available. Compared with general-purpose (protection tube type) resistance thermometer sensor (RTD), this mineral insulated resistance thermometer sensor offers many advantages.

Resistance Thermometer Detector Types

Nominal Resistance Value at°C


Measuring Current




Below 2mA



Features of Resistance Thermometer Detector

1. A wide range of Temperature Measurement

Due to its very small outer diameter, the rtd probe can be inserted easily into any small measuring object. It is used over a wide range of temperatures, from -200 ℃ to +500 °C.

2. Quick Response

This rtd sensor has a small heat capacity due to it s small size and is highly sensitive to small changes in temperature and has a quick response.

3. Simple Installation

Sensor rtd pt100 has flexible feature (bending radius more than double the sheath outer diameter) makes for simple and on-the-spot installations into complex configurations. The whole platinum rtd can be bent to fit.

4. Long life span

Contrary to conventional rtd sensor which have a deterioration of resistance value with age or open circuits.etc., pt100 rtd temperature sensor lead wires and resistance elements are insulated with chemically stable magnesium oxide, thus MI RTD assuring a very long service life.

5. Excellent Mechanical Strength , and vibration resistance

Rtd pt100 sensor High performance is assured even unfavorable conditions such as sensores de temperatura pt100 when used in vibrating installations, or in corrosive atmospheres.

6. Custom sheath outer diameter of pt100 rtd sensor available

Sheath outer diameters for pt100 high temperature sensor are available, between 0.8 and 12mm.We are a China temperature sensor manufacturer, provide cheap RTDS with robust quality.

7. Custom long lengths available

Lengths for temperature sensor rtd are available up to 30m maximum, depending on the outer diameter of the length, provide the information to temperature probe manufacture.

8. Compatible with special needs

Small sheath outer diameter of temperature sensor rtd pt100 and flexibility save installation space, thereby making pt100 temperatur possible to install the detector with minimum flow obstruction, a variety of sheath outer diameters of platinum rtd temperature sensor allows a suitable choice for a wide range of applications.

Resistance Thermometer Detector Configuration

The sensores de temperatura pt100 is composed of a resistance element. Internal conductors, insulated tube, protection tube, reinforcing tube, terminal head and other necessary mounting effacements.

1. Resistance element

The pt100 rtd sensor uses our high-precision ceramic element. Provided with a stainless steel finish having excellent heat transfer, which is secured within the protection tube, providing pt temperature sensor with excellent resistance to vibration.

2. Internal lead wire

The internal lead wire of sensor temperatura pt100 is used to connect a resistance element and terminal. The standard nickel lead wire is of the 3 wire type (3 wire rtd ). But also available are 2 –wire and 4-wire rtd probe.

3. Insulated tube

This insulated tube of rtd sensor is used for internal lead wire insulation and short-circuit prevention: fiber glass sleeving is used for low and medium temperature. And a ceramic insulator for high temperature measurement.

4. Protection Tube

This protection tube of platinum rtd is used to protect a resistance element, internal lead wires.etc, from ambient conditions, and pt100 temperature sensor is also fitted with mounting attachments and terminal heads.,etc. for easy installation, Rtd probe tube may be subjected to extremely severe operating conditions. It is therefore necessary to select pt100 temperature sensor materials and shape suitable to the operation temperature, atmosphere,applications,etc.

5. Terminal head and terminal plate

This terminal head is used to connect the resistance temperature detector (RTDs) with external lead wire. In addition to the standard weather-proof type (Aluminum diecast). Pt100 temperature sensor is also available are other types of platinum rtd materials and shapes suitable for specific applications.

6. Mounting Attachment 

This mounting attachment is provided for a protection tube to install the resistance temperature detector (RTD probe) to a measuring point. 

RTDS Wirings

  • 2 Wire Resistance Thermometer Sensor (RTD)

Since a conductor resistance is added to the resistance value. It is necessary to reduce the conductor resistance in advance. This type is not usually used except for a high resistance RTDs.

  • 3 Wire Resistance Thermometer Sensor (RTD)

Use to eliminate the effect caused by conductor resistance .Care should be taken for long distance transmission because a variation of resistance of conduction has effect on accuracy. This type rtd temperature sensor of connection is widely used in industrial application 

  • 4 wire Resistance Thermometer Sensor (RTD)

This type platinum rtd of connection is used for high accuracy temperature measurement and standards because 4-wire termopar pt100 is not affected by conductor resistance. Generally a constant current and the resistance value are measured by a potential difference. 

RTD Operation Temperature Range



Operating Temp Range


For Low Temperature



For Medium Temperature



For High Temperature


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