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SILVER AUTOMATION INSTRUMENTS industrial process instrumentations solve varies demanding in Agricultural Irrigation, Industrial Water & Wastewater, Factory Process Control, Oil & Gas, Electric Power Generation.etc, our products can be found in huge installations worldwide and domestic. The reliable and robust measurement instrumentations meet many demanding industrial, safety and quality criteria in domestic and foreign courtiers.

The main categories of our products are:
  • Flow Measurements
(Electromagnetic flow meter, vortex flow meter, turbine flow meter, oval gear flow meter.etc)
  • Temperature Measurements
(Thermocouple and RTD, Temperature transmitters, thermometer)
  • Pressure Measurements
(Pressure Gauge, pressure transmitter)
  • Level Measurements
(Ultrasonic level meter, Hydrosatic level meter, Radar level meter)
(Flow totalizer ,Batch controllers, and paperless recorders)

We constant pursuit qualified products combining with our knowledge of instrumentations to serve our customers

Our slogan is “China Reliable Process Instrumentation Supplier”.

SILVER AUTOMATION INSTRUMENTS is Hangzhou Pangu Automation System Co.sub-company, Silver focus on exporting process instrumentation worldwide , and PANGU manufacture parts of the instruments. PANGU register capital is 30 million RMB, cover an area of 50000 square meters with 4000 square meter standard workshop and office buildings.

We have obtained ISO9001:20008 International Quality System Certifications, all of our products are manufactured in accordance with procedures strictly. The strong technical power and high educated staff is the core continual developing, we have close relationship with Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Chang Zhou University to ensure the instrumentation technology update. Our company obtained several Patent Certificates regarding to the process instrumentations. Even Though of this, we cannot ensure all of our qualified products can be manufactured by Hangzhou Pangu Automation System Co, We still OEM from other instrumentation factories.

Silver Automation Instruments is always growing our instrumentation technology base to ensure that we can deliver the optimum instruments to our customers.

We are constantly striving to deliver high quality service and responsiveness to our customers.

We are always serving the reliable measurement equipments from China with satisfying price to all our beloved customers.
For example ,For the past ten years, Teltherm Instruments Ltd. and SILVER AUTOMATION INSTRUMENTS have shared a mutually beneficial partnership. Teltherm Instruments' trust in SILVER AUTOMATION INSTRUMENTS' flow meters has been unwavering, relying on their products to meet their clients' critical flow measurement needs. Protection Status