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3”Coriolis flow meter

3”Coriolis flow meter

What is 3”Coriolis flow meter?

A 3-inch Coriolis flow meter refers to a type of flow meter that utilizes the Coriolis Effect to measure the flow rate of a fluid. The "3-inch" specification refers to the size of the flow meter, indicating that it is designed to handle a Coriolis flow meter with a diameter of 3 inches or DN80.

How 3 inch Coirolis meter work?

Coriolis flow meters work on the principle of measuring the changes in momentum of a fluid as it flows through a vibrating tube. The fluid flow causes the tube to twist, and the amount of twist is proportional to the mass flow rate. By measuring this twist, the 3” Coriolis flow meter can determine the flow rate accurately.

Large size and high flow rate 3” Coriolis meter for different applications.

The size of the flow meter is an important consideration when selecting a flow meter for a particular application. The 3-inch size suggests that this Coriolis flow meter is designed to handle relatively larger flow rates compared to smaller sizes. It is commonly used in industrial applications where medium to high flow rates are encountered, such as in chemical processing, oil and gas, and food and beverage industries, we use a lot 3” Coriolis meter for fuel mass flow meter, asphalt flow meter, DN80 oil mass flow meter, Hygienic Mass Flowmeter 3" DN80, 3” LPG coriolis meter two phase flow, high pressure CH4 mass flow meter, 3” bitumen flow meter, Therminol 59 high temperature oil flow meter, hydrogen coriolis flow meter

Specifications of 3” Coriolis flowmeter

  • Mass flow range for 3" Coriolis meter: 0~100 t/h or 61 lb/s
  • Pressure rating for 3"Coriolis flow meter: standard operation pressure rating is 232 psig, however it can be made into higher pressure 3” Coriolis mass flow sensor, such as 40 bar, 300LB, 900 LB or even 10 Mpa, 15Mpa ,200 bar pressure or even 3000 psig.
  • It can be made into integral compact display flow meter or remote display with 1m ,10 meters or other length cable.
  • 3” Coriolis mass flow meter standard withstand 150°C temperature, however it can be made into max to bear 350 degree C Coriolis flow meter , and is good to measure bitumen high temperature flow. 3” Coriolis mass flow meter can also be made into ultralow temperature to -200 degree C .
  • Digital DN80 Coriolis flow meter can have frequency , 4-20mA output, also have MODBUS RTU communication, option with HART protocol.
  • Electronic 3” Coriolis flow transmitter is powered by 24V DC or 220V AC power supply, it has digital display to show fluids mass flow rate , total flow , volume flow , option to have fluids density or Brix ,viscosity indication.
  • Flange face to face distance between U shape 3” Coriolis meter is 660mm; Face to face distance between 3” Coriolis meter is 995 mm
  • 3”coriolis flow meter accuracy: it is standard with 0.2% accuracy, but also varies according to the fluids density, viscosity, and flow range .etc. For example for viscous liquid mass flow meter ,the accuracy could be a little poorer .
  • ATEX and CE approved Coriolis mass flow meter
It's worth noting that specific features and capabilities of a 3-inch Coriolis flow meter can vary depending on the manufacturer and model. Therefore, if you are looking for detailed information about a particular 3-inch Coriolis flow meter, it would be best to consult the manufacturer's specifications or reach out to them directly.

3”coriolis flow meter cost

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