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  • Advantages and disadvantages of vortex flowmeterAdvantages and disadvantages of vortex flowmeter2019/07/01STLU series vortex flow sensor is a new fluid oscillation type flow sensor based on the principle of Karman vortex, using stress detection method, using piezoelectric crystal as a sensitive component ...view
  • SH-CMF Coriolis Flow meter Calibration and Test Report sampleSH-CMF Coriolis Flow meter Calibration and Test Report sample2019/06/28/uploads/file/20190628/09/coriolis-mass-flow-meter-factory-calibration-and-test-report_1561684926.pdfview
  • How to choose ultrasonic level meter?How to choose ultrasonic level meter?2019/06/20Ultrasonic level meter’s structureThe compact version ultrasonic level meterThe host (parameter setting up, display and signal output) and the ultrasonic level sensor are integrated. The compact vers...view
  • How to configure Coriolis flow meter pulse output?How to configure Coriolis flow meter pulse output?2019/06/11Silver Automation Instruments supply rugged Coriolis mass flow meters, the standard configurations for the SH-CMF Series Coriolis flow transmitter is with 4-20mA, pulse output, and RS485.If users want...view
  • SH-CMF Coriolis  flow meter Modbus RTU configurationSH-CMF Coriolis flow meter Modbus RTU configuration2019/06/05SH-CMF Coriolis Mass flow meterRS485,Modbus RTU configurationSerial No.RegisterAddressDefinition1410010x03E8 / 1000Mass Flow2410030x03EA / 1002Volume Flow3410050x03EC / 1004Totalized Mass 4410070x03EE...view
  • Turbine flowmeter advantages and disadvantagesTurbine flowmeter advantages and disadvantages2019/05/21Turbine flowmeters are widely used in petrochemicals, organic liquids, inorganic liquids, liquefied gases, natural gas and fluids at low to middle temperature .Now it is widely used which is next to o...view
  • Why should we set low flow cutoff in the flowmeter?Why should we set low flow cutoff in the flowmeter?2019/05/14The flowmeters are widely used in industrial productions; it includes measurement flow of water, steam, purified water, compressed air, natural gas, etc. electromagnetic flowmeters, vortex flowmeters,...view
  • Paperless Recorder 12 channelsPaperless Recorder 12 channels2019/04/29Paperless Recorder (Analog/Digital)Power Supply 240, 50Hz 12 Channels,Data saving recording systemInput with all types of thermocouples with (RJC) Resistance Thermometer PT-100, CU-S3 Wide range of D...view
  • 16 digital inputs paperless recorder16 digital inputs paperless recorder2019/04/2916 digital inputs (We also called frequencyinputs), range: 0Hz ~10000HzMonochromatic and chromatic paperless graphic recorderPaperless graphic chart recorder Size: 5.6”,10.4”Free data management sof...view
  • High temperature thermoucpleHigh temperature thermoucple2019/04/25High temperature thermoucpleType k thermocouple elementindustrial temperature probeInconel 600 heavy wall,Stainless steel compression fittingBig head aluminium casting head c/w ceramic terminal boardT...view
  • Thermocouple K wire with ceramic insulationThermocouple K wire with ceramic insulation2019/04/25Thermcouple for furnace high temperature measurement30 meters thermocouple type K wireCeramic insulation across the 30 meters thermocouple wire.One end welded and other end open.Temperature 1200 deg C...view
  • Inconel600 thermocouple KInconel600 thermocouple K2019/04/25Thermocouple Assebly, Temperature element for CycloneType K Ungrounded, Single ElementSheath Material: Inconel 600 thermocoupleSheath Diameter: 8.0mmNipple Material: SS316Union Material: SS316Connecti...view
  • Bimetal Thermometer with electric contactBimetal Thermometer with electric contact2019/04/25Bimetal Thermometer with 2 Electric ContactsTemperature Range: 0-100 Deg. C For Generator Hydrogen Cooling WaterDial Size: 6 inches (150mm)Connection Size: 3/4 NPT , Axial type (angle adjustable , unv...view
  • Heated thermocouple, type KHeated thermocouple, type K2019/04/25Heated thermocouple,type KMineral Insulated,Single ElementSheath Length:5000mm Sheath Diameter:6mmSheath Material:Inconel 600Accuracy: Class 1- IEC584With 1 meterthermocouple extension wire, fiber gl...view
  • 18 channels paperless graphical recorder18 channels paperless graphical recorder2019/04/22No. of Channels: 18 Channels Input Type: Universal (DC Volts, dc millivolts, dc milliamps, Thermocouple, 2/3/ Wire RTD) Sampling Rate: 125 m Sec Trend Update: 125 mS Supply Voltage: 85 - 265 VAC, 47-...view