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  • 5 factors affect the performance of your thermal mass flow meter5 factors affect the performance of your thermal mass flow meter2019/01/18Accurate flow measurements are a vital part of all chemical andindustrial processes and can’t be doubted at all. There are a lot of differenttypes of applications in which flow meters can be used but...view
  • How to Select a Thermocouple?How to Select a Thermocouple?2018/12/20What is thermocouple? A thermocouple is a junction between two different metals that produces a voltage related to a temperature difference. When two wires composed of dissimilar metals are joined at ...view
  • Ultrasonic Level Meter PROFIBUS-DP CommunicationUltrasonic Level Meter PROFIBUS-DP Communication2018/12/20Technical Specification PROFIBUS-DP/V0 protocol, meets the PROFIBUS specification---the third part of the GB/T20540-2006 Digital data communication for measurement and control Field bus for use in ind...view
  • Which Factors to Affect the Pressure Gauge Accuracy?Which Factors to Affect the Pressure Gauge Accuracy?2018/12/19Pressure Gauge is used in almost all industrial processes. Users need to know some factors which affect the accuracy of Pressure Gauge.view
  • Vortex Flow meter Measuring PrincipleVortex Flow meter Measuring Principle2018/12/16The flow measurement of vortex flow transducer is according to the principle of Karman Vortices. When a bluff body is placed vertically in pipe, as the fluid flows around the bluff body, regular vorti...view
  • Paperless Recorder 12 channelPaperless Recorder 12 channel2018/12/05Silver Automation Instruments sells 12 Channel Paperless graphic Recorder with blue screen or color screen options.view
  • Coriolis Flow Meter AccuracyCoriolis Flow Meter Accuracy2018/11/21SH-CMF series Coriolis flow meter provided 0.1~0.2% accuracy of mass flow measurement,this type high accuracy flow meter is now frequently requested and purchased recently years.view
  • Digital flow meters for WaterDigital flow meters for Water2018/11/20When talking about digital flow meter water, we often recommend electromagnetic flow meter, turbine flow meter and vortex flow meters. All these flow meters are low cost digital water flow meters.view
  • 4 inch flow meter ?4 inch flow meter ?2018/11/17Do you need 4 inch Flow meter? Tell me, what you want to measure?4 inch Flow meter for Portable Water or Wastewater? 4 inch Flow meter for RO Water or condensatewater ?4 inch Flow meter for Air or Natura...view
  • Coriolis Mass Flow Meter OverviewCoriolis Mass Flow Meter Overview2018/11/12Silver Automation Instruments supplies China Coriolis mass flow meter from China qualified factories with low price and robust construction. Welcome to contact us to obtain the price cost of the China flow meters.view
  • OVAL GEAR FLOW METER FACTORY CALIBRATION REPORT​ SAMPLEOVAL GEAR FLOW METER FACTORY CALIBRATION REPORT​ SAMPLE2018/11/12Oval Gear Flow meter is calibrated in the factory before deliverying to users. Below is the Oval Gear Flow meter Calibration Report Sample from China oval gear Flow meter manufactures.view
  • SLW Liquid Turbine Flow meter Calibration Report SampleSLW Liquid Turbine Flow meter Calibration Report Sample2018/11/12​Each turbine flow meter is calibrated before leaving China turbine flow meter manufacture, this article is the sample of Calibration Report Sample for customer's referenceview
  • China Paperless recorder OverviewChina Paperless recorder Overview2018/11/09Silver Automation Instruments sells Paperless Graphic Recorder from China manufactures, with low price and robust construction. We can max with 48 channels paperless recorders, also with blue screen, color screen options for customers.view
  • Ultrasonic Sensors and Blanking DistanceUltrasonic Sensors and Blanking Distance2018/11/09An ultrasonic sensor is mounted on a large tank. Ultrasonic sensors are a little farsighted. By nature of the technology, most do not measure surfaces that are within a few inches of the transducer fa...view
  • Common Request Flowmeter TypesCommon Request Flowmeter Types2018/11/08the most popular flow meter types are differential pressure flowmeter, Rotameter, turbine flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter, vortex flowmeter,thermal mass flow meter, Coriolis mass flow meters, let’s explain the principle, characteristics.view