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Methane gas flow meter

Methane gas flow meter

Thermal mass flow meter is a kind of electronic mass flow meter sensor for methane/biogas flow rate measurement.Thermal meter uses the calorimetric measuring principle to get the accurate methane gas flow rate without external temperature and pressure compensation. It is suitable for landfill gas, digester gas, biogas mass flow measurement.

It has below features:

Low price cost mechane gas mass flow meter
Low pressure gas flow meter which can get gas rate in low operation pressure
In-line gas meter or insertion type meter
Mass flow measurement device without temperature and pressure compensation
Rugged construction, no moving parts, no clog or foul to sensor, easy to maintain
Digital LCD display to get flow rate and totalized flow,RS485 MODBUS gas meter
Thermal dispersion flow meter can be used to measure dirty and wet methane flow
Gas flow measurement units: SCFM,Nm3/h, Nm3/min,kg/h,kg/min
Output: 4~20Ma,0~1kHz pulse , also have options for settable relays for alarm
It has integrated display or remote mount displays (gas mass transmitter away from the flow sensor element) options
Stainless steel material gas flow sensor for aggressive or corrosive gas flow measurement
Wide measuring flow range, large turn down ratio, also with high accuracy

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