Paperless Recorders&Controllers

We are a China paperless Recorder and chart recorder supplier, Paperless Recorder is also called chartless recorders, and it is a kind of data acquisition and recording device in automation industry.  Low cost paperless recorder makes more customers access to the advanced instrumentation, and in stock chartless recorder make great satisfying from our customers with fast delivery time.We supply 4 channel paperless recorder,paperless recorder 12 channel,6 channel,18 channel paperless recorder,40 channel and so on.

China Low Cost Paperless Recorders not only with reasonable price, but with quite stable quality. We have more than 17 years experience in making the recorders, huge applications, detailed oriented on appearance and technology make our industrial data recorders quite competitive in the world. What we pursue is Free-after-sales-service for paperless recorders, and it is indeed with zero quality compliant on our paperless recorder manufacturers. We are quite enjoyed with repeated orders from our returning customers.

Chartless recorder can be used as temperature recorder, paperless temperature chart recorder,flow totalizer, level recorder since it accept universal signals. Customers benefit a lot from the reliable industry recordings; they can improve production efficiently and make wiser decisions.

We provide extensive function choices on recorders; custom paperless recorders can have channel inputs from 1 channel to 48 channels. RS485,E-thernet function, relay outputs.,etc.

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What are paperless recorders?

Silver has designed an advanced set of data recorders that come with a fully equipped analytical software suite programmed specifically to meet all their user’s data recording needs and more.

What do we offer?

There are three different models in the range, each is equipped with different size and quality displays. Each software system displays digital values, horizontal and vertical graphs and. bar graphs. They have also partnered with Honeywell to provide exceptional data management software suite.

Key features of the software suite

The software package comes with tools that specifically help the user graph batch and continuous data. It also provides archiving and analytical tools. It can also be preset to upload any new or existing recorded data at specified times and dates. A neat feature is that it can acquire data in real time and then export it to secondary software such as Excel.

How does it all work?

Each of the recorders comes with a full-color display unit or  monochrome recorder; this range is size to  3.5",5.6,10.4". Each recorder can support up to 48 inputs at any given time. This makes it a very attractive product for engineers, quality control manager and staff, plant manager and their operators. One of the key characteristics of the system is their ability to collect data input from different devices, characterize it, digitize them all with an internal converter.

What solutions do paperless recorders offer?

These paperless devices will increase the overall efficiency of many different departments. They can improve operations and overall reliability by assisting in the speedy division of data between many many different departments. They negate the need for specialized paper, pens and ink that were needed to operate the now obsolete old chart recorders. They are ideally suited to the following processes flow monitoring, heat treating, sterilization, environmental monitoring and power just to name a few.

Construction of Paperless recorder

Product Category

  • 4 channel paperless recorders
    4 channel paperless recorders

    What are 4 channel paperless recorders?The paperless records collect data/calculated data in the internal storage system of the instrument on the basis of time,...

  • ST600 Paperless Recorder
    ST600 Paperless Recorder

    ST600 Paperless Recorder OverviewSX600 color-screen paperless recorder has 16-channel universal input. Recorder paperless can input the standard current, standa...

  • ST100 Color paperless recorder
    ST100 Color paperless recorder

    Color LCD display paperless graphical recorder, 3.5 inches,1~4 channels universal input,SD card option

  • Paperless Temperature Chart Recorder
    Paperless Temperature Chart Recorder

    Paperless temperature chart recorder can max have 16 channels of industrial temperature sensor inputs which is a kind of data acquisition device; it can record ...

  • SX 6000 Paperless Recorder
    SX 6000 Paperless Recorder

    SX6000 color-screen paperless recorder has max 16-channel universal input. 5.6" size .Chartless Recorder with RS485, USB,E-thernet options. Contact us for price...

  • SX 2000 Paperless Recorder
    SX 2000 Paperless Recorder

    Monochrome paperless recorder has 1-4 channel universal inputs.3.5 inch size. Low cost paperless graphic recorders. Get the Price now.

  • SX 3000 Chart Recorder/Paper Recorder
    SX 3000 Chart Recorder/Paper Recorder

    Paper recorder is with max 8 channels inputs.Get the Price now from China paperless recorder manufacture in low price.

  • SX 5000 Paperless Recorder
    SX 5000 Paperless Recorder

    SX5000 blue-screen paperless recorder has max 16-channel universal inputs. 5.6" size.RS485 and USB interface .Get the price now. Protection Status