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Paperless Graphic Recorder used as Temperature Recorder

Customers often request paperless reorders as temperature recorder, also they need temperature sensors, thermocouple or RTD from us to use together with chartless recorder, below is the case from our customers they need recorders and PT100 :

Temperature Paperless Recorder Request

Hi, we need SX5000 series Paperless Graphic Recorder with 12 RTD sensor temperature inputs, also please provide 12 nos RTD temperatures sensors used together with RTD, we use the recorder as temperature controller.
The function we need is that we can transfer the paperless chart recorder data to our personal computer; do you have the software for our users to view the data in PC?
We also notice there is“MDMR multi-machine data management software” in your paperless recorder catalog, what is the paperless recorder used for?
Also for the paperless data logger, how can I view the real-time data in upper computer from the recorders?
We need 12 channels PT100 RTD inputs for the chartless recorders, it can have common record function; SX5000 series monochrome paperless recorder is cheap, and we do not need SX6000 Series color paperless recorder.  We also need 12 output relays for alarm purpose. Please inform us 12 channel paperless recorder price also packing box and weight information.
We need you quote separately 12 pcs of fiberglass RTD sensor.RTD temperature probe information is as below:
Maximum temperature for the PT100: 250 deg C.
RTD Probe length 40 cm
Probe diameter 8mm
Fiberglass lead cable length: 30 meters
RTD process connection: 1/4” NPT thread – moveable and lock
Also inform us best delivery time, and packing information.

12 Channels Temperature Recorder Solution

Thanks for your information, see below comments for your request:
1.You can transfer the data from logger to PC by Our SX5000 paperless recorder USB interface.
2.We provide free data management software to customers; customers can install the software in PC and view the data through the software.
3.“MDMR multi-machine data management software” can be used when you have more than 8 pcs paperless recorders to manager, you can view the data by one software, it is not free, if you only order 1 pc China paperless recorder, and you do not need that software.
4.You can connect paperless recorder to computer by RS485, and view the real time data from the PC.
See below model selection for paperless recorder:
Blue screen paperless chart recorder
SX5012 - 12 channels paperless recorder
R - Record Function
A12 - Normal open contact output relays 12 channels
C3-RS485 Paperless Graphic Recorder (Modbus RTU)
U - USB interface
Gross weight 3.6 kg, packing box: 29*38 *23 cm

RTD PT100 with lead cable
550-PT100 total length
G-Sheath OD:8 mm
M- Temperate range 0-350 deg C.
B-Accuracy class B grade
30000-lead cable length 30000mm, material fiberglass
400-RTD Probe insertion length: 400mm
Gross weight for each RTD is around 2 kg including the lead wire.

Reference pictures:

We are a China paperless recorder and temperature sensor supplier with cheap price, if you want to know the price for the above type paperless recorder and temperature sensor RTD price, you can send email to
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