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2" Inline Oil Flow Meter

A 2-inch inline oil flow meter refers to a flow meter designed to measure the flow rate of oil in a 2-inch (DN50) diameter pipe or conduit. Inline flow meters are installed directly in the pipeline, allowing for continuous monitoring and measurement of the oil flow.
There are various types of 2 inch inline flow meters suitable for measuring oil flow, including:

2" inline oil flow meter-economical Turbine Flow meter

Inline turbine flow meters consist of a rotor with blades or vanes that spin as the oil flows through the meter. The rotational speed of the rotor is directly proportional to the flow rate, allowing for accurate measurement. DN50 inline oil flow meter can handle oil flow range 4-40m3/h or 8.8-352 GPM.

These TUF meters are commonly used for measuring the flow of clean and low-viscosity oils, for example 2 inch edible oils flow meters, 2” vegetable oil flow meter, DN50 soybean oil flow meter, dial 50mm palm oil flow meter, inline olive oil flow meter, sunflower oil sanitary flow meter, 2” diesel oil flow meter, 50mm kerosene oil flow meter, DN 2” fuel oil flow meter, etc

2 inch Positive displacement oil flow meter

Inline Positive displacement oil flow meters utilize rotating gears, pistons, or oval-shaped rotors to measure the flow rate. As the oil passes through the meter, fixed volumes of oil are trapped and then displaced, providing a direct measurement of the flow. PD flow meter can measure 2.4-24 m3/h volume flow for the fluids with viscosity between 2-200 cp, it can measure 1.6~16.8 m3/h for oil viscosity between 200-1000 mPa.s;

These 2 inch inline PD oil meters are suitable for measuring a wide range of oil viscosities, from low viscosity oil to high viscosity oil flow meter, for example 2” Gasoline flow meter, DN50 crude oil flow meter, 2” lubricate oil flow meter, DN50mm Synthetic oil flow meter, 2 inch inline mechanical diesel fuel flow meter, 2” engine oil flow meter, DN50 Hydraulic Oil flow sensor, 2 inch inline HFO oil flow meter, 2 inch refined palm olien flow meter;

2 inch High accuracy oil flow meter- Inline Coriolis mass flow meter

2 inch Coriolis oil Flow Meters: Coriolis flow meters operate on the principle of the Coriolis Effect, which involves the measurement of the change in the vibrating frequency of a pipe caused by the mass flow of oil. Coriolis flow meters are highly accurate and can measure both the mass flow rate and density of the oil, 2” Coriolis mass flow meter can measure oil flow 0~30 t/h.

2 inch oil flow sensor can be made into high temperature oil flow meter up to 350°C. And can measure very high viscosity oil still with very high accuracy around 0.2%. For example 2” oil mud emulsion flow meter, grease oil flow meter, 2 inch crude oil for custody transfer purpose; high viscosity hydraulic Oil flow meter, DN50 gear oil flow meter, 50mm transformer oil flow meter;

2” Metal tube rotameter for oil flow measurement

A metal tube rotameter is a type of flow meter used for measuring the flow rate of oil. It consists of a vertical metal tube with a float inside that moves up and down with the flow of the fluid. The float is typically shaped like a tapered or conical needle and is designed to reach a stable position in the tube where the upward force from the oil fluid flow is balanced by the downward force of gravity.

To measure the flow rate of oil, a metal tube rotameter designed specifically for oil applications would be used. These rotameters are constructed with materials compatible with oil, such as stainless steel or Teflon to ensure resistance to corrosion and maintain accuracy over time. DN2” inline Rotameter can be made into an easy flow reading gauge without any power supply to show oil flow rate.

It's important to note that DN50 metal tube rotameters are generally suited for low to moderate oil flow rates and are commonly used in industrial applications where high accuracy is not required. If you have specific requirements or need a more accurate measurement, you may need to consider alternative flow measurement devices such as 2 inch inline Coriolis oil flow meters, which are more precise but also more complex and expensive.

Ultrasonic Flow Meters for oil flow meter

Ultrasonic flow meters use ultrasonic waves to measure the flow rate of oil. These meters employ transducers that send and receive ultrasonic signals through the pipe. By measuring the time it takes for the signals to travel between the transducers, the flow rate can be determined. Ultrasonic flow meters are suitable for non-invasive measurement without the need for cutting or interrupting the pipe, currently we only apply to 2” diesel oil flow meter by non contact ultrasonic flow meter.
The selection of the most appropriate 2” inline flow meter for your specific oil flow measurement needs depends on factors such as the oil type, viscosity, and temperature, pressure, and accuracy requirements. It is recommended to consult with flow meter manufacturers or suppliers who can provide guidance on the suitable options for your application. Welcome to send specific inquiry to get 2” oil flow meter cheap price .our 2” inline oil flow meter price starts from $300 .
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