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Continuous Level Sensor

Continuous Level Sensor

Continuous level measurement is widely used to measure level of fuel, heavy oil, water, lime, paste, powder, chemical liquid such as nitric acid, Hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, solvent, xylene.,etc in vesels, tanks, silo,open lake or river, reservoirs. Here we introduce 2 types’ continuous level sensor - Radar level transmitter and ultrasonic level sensor.

Continuous Level sensor- Radar level transmitter

Radar level transmitter is solid or liquid continuous level measurement instruments. Radar level gauges uses electromagnetic waves to detect solid or liquid continuously.

How continuous radar level sensor work?

Continuous Level sensor- ultrasonic level transmitter

  • Radar continuous level transmitter generates 26 GHz microwave pulse signal, the microwave pulse is emitted from the end of the antenna through the PTFE emitter constantly. When the transmitted pulse hits the surface of the measured liquid or solids, part of the energy is reflected back and received by the same antenna. Through the principle of time expansion technology, the time interval between the transmitted pulse and the received pulse can be calculated, and then the distance between the antenna and the surface of the measured medium can be calculated.
  • Features of Continuous radar Level sensor
  • Radar emits electromagnetic waves, which can be measured without the aid of a propagation medium.
  • Radar level sensor can even take 30meters or 100 meters level measurement.
  • Continuous radar level sensor can still take level measurement when the environment is very foggy or dusty or even vacuum or steam.
  • It can still level measurement when the liquid surface has foams.
  • Radar level sensor are available in horn type, rod type, cable type, etc., which can be used in different measurement occasions.
  • Radar level sensor not only take continuous solids or liquid measurmenet, it can even take non-contact level measurement.

Continuous Level sensor- ultrasonic level transmitter

Continuous Level sensor- ultrasonic level transmitter

How ultrasonic level sensor take continuous level measurement?

Ultrasonic level transducer can take level measurement continuously, it is a digital level meter controlled by a microprocessor. The pulsed ultrasonic wave is emitted by the level sensor (transducer), and the sound wave is reflected by the surface of the object and then received by the same sensor and converted into an electrical signal. The distance between the fluid level sensor and the object to be measured is calculated from the time between the emission and reception of the sound wave.

Features of ultrasonic continuous level measurement sensor

  • Non-contact level measurement, and take acid liquid or NAOH .etc
  • Ultrasonic continuous level sensor has automatic power adjustment, and temperature compensation.
  • Low price level sensor, small size, light weight and easy for install
  • It has the function of suppressing interference echo to ensure the authenticity of the measured data and strong anti-interference ability to ensure the continuously liquid level measurement.
  • Digital level transmitter has programmable relay output, high-precision 4-20mA current output, RS-485, RS-232 digital communication output for remote level monitoring and pump control.
  • Low cost water or tank level sensor, fuel tank level sensor.
  • Non contact liquid level sensor has digital display, can be used as water tank indicator
  • Level indicator transmitter is at low price from China level sensor manufacture

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