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Non-contact radar level transmitter

Non-contact radar level transmitter

These transmitters allow radar level measurement without any contact with the liquid and no probe is used, it is non contact level measurement. These level transducers work on two different principles. This includes frequency modulated continuous waves (FMCW) and pulse technology. This FMCW technology emits continuous waves with a signal sweep by increasing the frequency of the radar waves gradually. The frequency sweep gives the value of frequency difference and this difference helps in measurement of the level difference of liquid. All these measuring calculations are done by the inbuilt transmitter itself. The pulse mechanism consists of the emission of energy pulse of waves and then the time to receive this pulse back is measured and then the level is measured in accordance to this time. The overall principle of the transmitter is the same as that of other radar level transmitters.


  • Electronic level measurement with digital indicator, 4-20mA output and Hart Protocol
  • Low maintenance, high performance, high accuracy, high reliability, long service life, etc
  • Can adapt to harsh production environments such as high temperature, high pressure, and vapor
  • Simple and easy calibration of the transmitter
  • Vapors, fumes, and other barriers do not affect the radar level meter operation
  • Compatibility with PLC and software calibration is enabled.

Application of Non-contact type radar level transducers

Corrosive liquids, slurries, crude oil, sanitary, liquid with foam and gases are all applicable for level measurement with this radar transmitter. Therefore food and beverage industries, water management plants, oil and gas, and petrochemical industries employ these noncontact radar level transmitters.

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