Ammonium nitrate(NH4NO3) level meter

Ammonium nitrate(NH4NO3) level meter

Medium being monitored: Ammonium nitrate + water solution
Level instruments recommend: Guided wave Radar level gauge with rope probe
Reason to recommend: Ammonium nitrate water solution (NH4NO3) is a kind of strong corrosive liquid, so we choose wet parts PTFE (Teflon) level probe. NH4NO3 water solution also has acid mist above the water surface, so we need guided wave radar level meter to get accurate measurement result, SKRD 35 series radar level meter is a perfect choice for this crucial applications, it has PTFE coated rope probe for the level range within 6 meters, it is easy for shipping and also low cost economical choice for customers.

Technical specifications for ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3) radar level gauge

Features: rod probe with PTFE coated
Level range measured: within 6m ( 19.7 feet)
Process connection: flange recommend (DIN ,ANSI flanges)
Fluids process temperature: -40~180 ℃
Fluids Process Pressure : (-0.1~2.0)Mpa
Accuracy: ±3mm
Repeatability: ±2mm
Frequency Range: 100MHz~1.8GHz
Explosion Proof: Exia IIC T6 Ga
Enclose Protection Level: IP67
Output: (4~20mA)/Hart (2 wire/4 wire)
With digital display to show level also for parameters configutations
Radar Level transmitter Linearity (Rope Probe)
radar level meter linearity

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