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The use of harmful and corrosive acids in industry dates back hundreds of years. Unlike the days of old, current industries are more focused on the safety of the workers and the quality of the products which is why the corrosive acids are kept separate from the rest of the machinery and are monitored. Regardless of what the acid is used for, too much or too little acid flowing through the pipes is a bad thing. Industries and plants need to ensure the proper amount of acid is being used at all times and there is no back up on the flow. The motioning of acid flow is the main reason why plants and companies will invest in a flow meter. We are often requested by sulfuric acid flow meter.
Flow meters recommended for use with acids or chemically aggressive liquids. Silver Automation Instruments supplies acid resistant flow meters to measure the flow of strong hot corrosive acids like sulfuric acid (H2SO4), sour gas (H2S) and hydrochloric acid (HCl). The combination of PTFE or PFA liner with Pt/Iridium Alloy electrodes magnetic flow meter solves this problem and creates the most corrosion resistant flow meters available to industry.
Besides we can also supply metal tube rotameter with PTFE material which can also measure corrosive acid fluids.

What is a Flow Meter? 

A flow meter is, quite simply, a meter used to monitor the total flow of a liquid. For example in a dairy plant, a flow meter will be used to ensure that the proper amount of milk is used to give an overall unified quality to the finished product whatever it would be. For a plant working with corrosive acid, the meter has to be able to survive intense conditions. A regular flow meter is likely to corrode and provide the wrong results or no results at all depending on the damage. A wrong reading might not pick up on a increased flow or a backed up flow and the results could be catastrophic. To avoid any sort of catastrophic outcome, the investment in a corrosive resistant flow meter is an absolute must for any company working with acid.

What is Silver Automation Instruments Flow Meters? 

The flow meters provided by Silver Automation Instruments are built specifically for monitoring acid flow that regular meters couldn't survive like sulfuric and hydrochloric acids. What makes Silver Automation Instruments' flow meters not just good but the best on the market is the composition of each meter. The flow meters are made with either a PTFE or PFA liner with Pt/Iridium alloy electrodes which produces a magnetic flow around the meter. Perfect for use with hot, highly corrosive acids. In addition to the magnetic flow meters, Silver Automation Instruments can provide metal tube rotameters made with PTFE materials that can also monitor and measure corrosive acids. 

What Are The Specifics Of The Magnetic Flow Meter and Rotameter? 

Magnetic Flow Meter
Built with the principle of Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction
Comes in four models (SE11 Standard, SE12 High Accuracy, SE13 Sanitary, SE14 Insertion) to fit your needs.
Electromagnetic flow meter with digital display can provide both instant and total flow
4-20mA output provided as standard Hart Protocol provided upon request
Stainless Steel Housing provided upon request

Metal Tube Rotameter
Metal tube variable area flow meter Built with durability and low maintenance in mind,
Can be used not only with acid but with any flow of steam, gas, or even flammable and explosive liquids.
Digital display can provide both instant and total flow.
Backlight option for low-visibility workspace
Relay options for alarm 4-20mA output provided as standard
Hart Protocol provided upon request
Variable area flow meter Can be ordered with either tri-cover fitting, flange, or screwed connection
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