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Chlorine gas flow meter

Chlorine gas flow meter

What is Chlorine gas?  Why it is hard to measure flow rate?

Chlorine gas is a simple gas and its chemical formula is Cl₂. Under normal temperature and pressure, it is yellow-green, highly toxic gas with a strong pungent odor, suffocating, denser than air, soluble in water and alkali solutions, and easily soluble in organic solvents (such as carbon disulfide and carbon tetrachloride), It is easy to compress and can be liquefied into yellow-green oily liquid chlorine. It is one of the main products of the chlor-alkali industry and can be used as a strong oxidant. As a corrosive and aggressive gas , the flow measurement is a tough job.

Chlorine gas rotameter

Rotameter is most commonly used device for chlorine gas flow measurement.The metal tube rotormeter is a kind of variable area flow meter; it can be used to continuously measure the volume flow of liquid and gas in a closed pipeline. VA flow meter has a solid structure and reliable measurement. It can be adapted to the measurement of various complex occasions. It is widely used in flow measurement and industrial process control. Rotameter has many material options, such as 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel or PTFE lined material for corrosive liquid, such as chlorine gas.

Rotameter can be local flow indicator without any power supply; it can also be equipped with flow transmitters to have analog 4-20mA output, it can be even with HART protocol or RS485 communication for process control. This kind of digital rotameter with LCD display to show flow chlorine gas (Cl₂) instant flow and total flow.

Chlorine gas rotameter price

Chlorine gas VA flow meter price is determined by many factors:
1)Chlorine gas flow meter size
The large size, the more cost, for example, 1 inch Chlorine gas metal tube rotameter price is around 700 $, while go for 3 inch chlorine gas rotameter , the cost is around 1300 $.
2)Rotameter function
Local indicator type rotameter without output will cost less than digital type metal tube VA flow meter, digital type rotameter will cost more 400 dollars than local indication VA flow meter.
3)Special Request for chlorine gas flow meter
For example, special request for high temperature and high pressure application, rotameter will cost more.
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