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Gas flow rotameter

Gas flow rotameter

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Rotameter for gas flow rate

Gas flow rotameter is a measuring instrument for various gas flow measuring applications. It monitors the flow rate in the area of cool, high pressure, high temperature, and other hazardous situations and determines the value of flowing of different gas or air. Metal tube rotameter is highly durable design provides wide applications commercially.

Working principle of gas variable area flow meter

The manufacturing of a Rotameter consists of a ring-shaped or cylindrical tapered tube and float. The placement involves centrally located float surrounded by the metallic tube. The normal configuration allows float to be pulled at the bottom of the tube due to gravity. However, when the air or gas flows, it exerts pressure on the float causing it to be pushed in the opposite direction. This change in the position of the float is sensed by an in-built sensor which calculates the flow rate. The variable area of float under the flowing gas is the determinant of the flow rate. When customers buy gas flow rotameter, customers should provide ratameter manufacture with gas flow range, operation temperature and pressure , also gas density .

Features of gas flow rotameter

  • 1- High temperature up to 300 ℃ is tolerated by gas flow  Rotameter.
  • 2- Gas flow measuring range of 0.05 to 4000 m3/h is applicable.
  • 3- Single and dual display switches are available for Rotameter for gas flow rate
  • 4- Stainless steel flow meter constituency increases durability.
  • 5- Less than 0.5% risk only with accurate and quick measurements.
  • 6- Gas flow measurement accuracy: 1.5%
  • 7- Large turn down ratio gas flow meter: 10:1
  • 8- Gas flow rotameter protection level is IP65
  • Variable metal tube rotameter for gas has many dial size: 1/2",1",2",3 inch gas rotameters, 4 inch, 6",8" and 10 inch rotameter for gas flow rate.

Technical Data of Rotameter for gas flow rate

Measuring range

Air ( 20°C , 0.1013 Mpa) 0.05-4000m3/h

Ratio of spans

Standard type 10 : 1,option 20 : 1


Standard type class 1.5,option 1.0

Pressure Class

DN15-DN50:4.0Mpa;  DN80 -DN200 1.6Mpa; Tri-clamp pressure rating :1.6 Mpa

Special type: DN15-DN50 25Mpa;  DN80 -DN200 16Mpa;

Pressure loss


Medium Temperature

Standard-80°C ~ + 200°C; PTFE : 0°C ~ 85°C;High temperature type : at most 300°C

Ambient temperature

LCD display:-30°C ~+85°C; Mechanical Pointer type:-40°C ~ +120°C

Medium viscosity

DN 15 : ŋ < 5mPa.s ( H15.1-H15.3 ); ŋ < 30mPa.s ( H15.4-H15.8 )

DN 25 : ŋ < 250mPa.s; DN 50-DN 150 : ŋ < 300mPa.s

Connection forms

DIN 2510 standard flange or others upon request

Cable interface

M20 × 1.5,Option PG11,1/2”NPT

Power Supply

24VDC, (10.8~36VDC);220 VAC (85~265VAC);Battery:3.6@4AH,NI-MH battery


2 wire 4~20mA ; Pulse output: min interval 50ms

Alarm: Max100Ma@30VDC, Internal impedance 100 Ω

LCD Display

Instant Flow display Range: 0-50000; Totalized Flow display Range: 0-99999999

Protection Level



Intrinsically safe :Exia IICT6; Explosion separation type:Exd II CT6

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