Level Measurement

We supply China level sensor according to the particular applications. We will consider level range, medium type, operation temperature &pressure, and mounting method combining with customer’s budget to choose a proper type level meter for our customers.

Level sensor have different types , such as contact type and non- contact type , and some customers need level meter to output 4-20mA ,and some customers need RS485 (Modbus RTU ) to transfer the level information, some need flange connection and other need thread connection. Most of the level meters have digital display to display the level value, some need integrated the display with sensor while some need remote display to display the value in other place, some customers even need switch output for control purpose .Any request can be submitted from our customers ,and we try to meet their demands.

Ultrasonic level sensor which is a kind non contact level sensor, it is not only a kind of fluid level sensor; it is also a solids level sensor. It is low cost level sensor, but not good choice when to be used in the application such as foam, steam or medium with many vibrations.

Radar level meter can be used in many critical applications, such as dust, steam, foams , but the price is not really nice and acceptable to all customers.

Hydrostatic level transmitter can measure fluids and it is a kind of cheap level sensor, may customers consider them as water level sensor.

We also have Pressure Transmitter/ Differential Pressure Transmitter as level meter. Combing with diaphragm seal, they can be used in many crucial level measurement applications.

Product Category

  • Radar level transmitter
    Radar level transmitter

    Radar level transmitter is a device usedfor the measurement of liquid levels. Due to their high precision and accuracy,these radar type level transmitters are w...

  • Ultrasonic level transmitter
    Ultrasonic level transmitter

    We are always doing our best to supply ultrasonic level transmitter at low price cost, robust quality and excellent performance from China ultrasonic level sens...

  • Hydrostatic liquid level sensor
    Hydrostatic liquid level sensor

    Hydrostatic level transmitter;For water, oil or corrosive liquid level measurement;Range: 0-100 m level;4-20mA,HART ,Modbus;

  • Capacitance Level Transmitter
    Capacitance Level Transmitter

    SHLT (smart) flange type capacitive level transmitter can carry on accurate measurement of level and density for all kinds of containers. It is a kind of pressu... Protection Status