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Thermocouple assembly

Thermocouple assembly

  • K type thermocouple

    K type thermocouple

    K type thermocouple overviewK-type thermocouple is also commonly referredto as the nickel-chromium/ nickel-silicon therm...

  • J type thermocouple

    J type thermocouple

    Type J thermocouple is also a subtype ofbase metal thermocouple with iron-constantan as its constituents, is also acheap...

Thermocouple assembly or temperature probes are instruments that sense heat and control temperature. This temperature sensor is made from a pair of dissimilar metal wires covered in protection called a sheath. It works on the principle that current is always created between two different metals and the voltage of this current varies according to the external temperature. There are 3 formulations based on their junctions. These include grounded, ungrounded and exposed. Thermocouple assembly finds its application in a wide range of industries including food manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical industry, and petrochemical industries.

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