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  • What is the disadvantage of turbine flow meters?What is the disadvantage of turbine flow meters?2023/09/13a. Turbine flow meter cannot maintain the high accuracy for long time during using, regular calibration is required. Turbine flow sensor bearing wear and jamming problems could easy happen for non-lub...view
  • A Decade of Symbiotic Collaboration: UniThai & SILVERA Decade of Symbiotic Collaboration: UniThai & SILVER2023/07/27In the realm of industrial instrumentation, the synergy between UniThai Group and SILVER AUTOMATION INSTRUMENTS has stood the test of time. Since UniThai Group's inception in December 1993, this part...view
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Gas flow meterCarbon Dioxide (CO2) Gas flow meter2020/01/09Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a gas that isreleased after certain processes happen or occur such as production of ammoniaand fertilizers, generation of power, and other natural phenomena. Someindustries cap...view
  • Hydraulic structures (primary devices) - flumes and weirsHydraulic structures (primary devices) - flumes and weirs2019/12/25The most common method of measuring therate of flow in an open channel is through the use of hydraulicstructures. Hydraulic structures arespecially shaped, static devices over or through which flow i...view
  • Different Kinds Of Gas & Liquid Flow MetersDifferent Kinds Of Gas & Liquid Flow Meters2019/12/25Flow monitoring is an essential part of any industrialprocess. For this reason, most industries have been doing all that it takes toadopt some of the most reliable and efficient ways to control these ...view
  • Demanding applications bring change to the flowmeter industryDemanding applications bring change to the flowmeter industry2019/12/10The Flowmeters demand is increasing withmore complex requirements which include specific high accuracy levels flowmeter , communication protocol, specific lining used as acid flow meter or sanitary fl...view
  • Uses of Flow Meters in Various IndustriesUses of Flow Meters in Various Industries2019/12/08Introduction.With technological developments in thefield of flow measurement, flow meters have found uses in a number ofIndustries. It's used to measure flow of any fluid through a pipeline. Althought...view
  • 2 applications that triggered the rise of Coriolis flow measurement2 applications that triggered the rise of Coriolis flow measurement2019/11/29Coriolis flow measurement works as a default technology in many scenarios involving applications since it provides excellent accuracy and immunity when it comes to processing variables (pressure, temp...view
  • Magnetic Flowmeter SnapshotMagnetic Flowmeter Snapshot2019/11/28The magnetic Flowmeter market is mature and stable and yet advancements into new fields of application continue to be made. This has been prompted by the many new developments in the technologies used...view
  • Magnetic flow meter overviewMagnetic flow meter overview2019/09/30Fast development of Electromagnetic flow meterThe electromagnetic flowmeter market has shown significant growth in recent years, and this trend figures to continue in the years ahead. This upswing is ...view
  • NH4OH and KOH solution flow meterNH4OH and KOH solution flow meter2019/04/29EMF flow meter for 10% KOH Solution and NH4OH Solution (7-9 pH Value)SpecificationsExcitation : Pulsed DCMaterial of Construction: Metering tube, flange and electrodes in SS304 L/ SS316. PTFE Liner.Di...view
  • Paperless recorder specificationsPaperless recorder specifications2019/04/23Screen size :3.5",5.6”,10.4”Screen type: Color TFT LCD with resistive analogueTouch-Panel, or blue screen or black screenScreen resolution : (620 x 480 pixels) or betterNumber of Input channels :...view
  • 1 inch hydrogen (gas) flow meter1 inch hydrogen (gas) flow meter2019/04/23Flow meter sensor Flow meter type : coriolis Function: to measure online mass flow Process connection flanges as per ANSI B16.5 Flange size/rating: 1 inch/300# Flange material: SS 316 or better Design...view
  • 4 inch Crude Oil Flow meter4 inch Crude Oil Flow meter2019/04/23Process Data of crude oil :Fluids:Crude oilFlow Rate (Min / Normal / Max) - 10 /50/ 100m3/hr.Flow meter sensor size: DN100, 4 inch sizePressure (Normal / Max / Design) – 10 / 12 / 16 bargNormal Operati...view
  • Digital produce water flow meterDigital produce water flow meter2019/04/22Flow meter: type turbine flow meterService: produce waterSize/connection : 4 in / RF flange produce water flow meterRange 100 - 800 gpm, Material body 316 ss or equal, Flow rate: min 150 gpm, normal ...view Protection Status