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Lube oil flow meter

Oval gear flow meter is ideal solution for measuring lubricating oils flow rate. Oval gear flow meter is a kind of positive displacement flow meter for flow rate measurement of low and medium viscosity fluids, such as fuel, diesel, circulating lube oil, Lubricant is used to reduce frictions in engines and machinery, they are used in hydraulic, brake, bearings, quenching, gear box and so on. Oil lubrication flow meter is rugged designed for harsh environment usage.

Silver Automation Instruments offer a wide range of oval gear flow meters for lube oil flow measurement; it can be mechanical register oval gear flow meter which has real-time flow rate reading, or gear flow meter with pulse ,also available with LCD display, flow meter with HART or RS485 interface.


✔     High accuracy: 0.5% or 0.25%
✔     Suitable for high viscosity oil flow rate measurement
✔     In-line volumetric flow meter
✔     It can be mechanical flow meter without any power supply, or electronic lube oil flow meter with outputs and LCD display
✔     Lubricant oil flow sensor size from 1.5mm to 200mm
✔     Option with low flow lube oil flow meter, micro oil flow meter starts from 1.5mm flow sensor, and min flow can be 0.5 ml/min
✔     No straight pipeline request when installation the oval gear flow meter
✔     Durable construction, reliable, trouble-free operation
✔     Flow gauge Indicates lube oil total and flow rate
✔     Low cost and economical lubricants oil flow meter

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