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Mechanical register oval gear flow meter

Mechanical register oval gear flow meter

Mechanical counter oval gear flow meter is a kind of in-line positive displacement flow meter where main power is impossible in the field or the field only request basic metering, no output transmission is needed. Mechanical register flow meter has the pointer to show instant flow , also has total flow indicating, return-to zero register is also available upon request. This type mechanical flow meter is suitable to measure petro, fuel oil, heating oil, gasoline, diesel, heavy oil, resin, kerosene, alcohol, glue, latex, creams. , etc.


No power supply request
Mechanical type in line oval gear flow meter,
High accuracy and repeatability, direct volumetric reading
Can be used to measure high viscosity liquid flow rate
Various material available: cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel
Low price cost flow meter comparing to digital oval flow meter
Robust construction for heady duty purpose

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