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Helical gear flow meters/Bi rotor flowmeter

Helical gear flow meters/Bi rotor flowmeter

What is Bi-Rotor Positive Displacement Flowmeter ? 

Helical gear flow meters are typical volumetric flow measuring instruments which directly measure the quantity of flowing liquid by means of a couple of rotors known as helical rotors. It is a kind of positive displacement flow meters according to Roots principle, The double case combines the rugged durability and long service life of the BiRotor flow meter. 

Helical gear flow meter is a kind of bi rotor flow meter positive displacement, it can be mechanical type flow meter, or equipped with electronic BiRotor transmitters and digital display and frequency to current converters are available for remote totalization, recording and presetting of metered volumes.
They may be used for custody transfer purposes, operating controls and for the many other needs of the petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

BiRotor positive displacement meter features:

  • No pulsation
  • Low noise
  • High accuracy
  • High reliability
  • Large turn down ratio
  • Small pressure loss
  • Can measure fluids with max 3500 cp viscosity, used as high viscosity Bi rotor positive displacement flow meter 
  • Can work on high temperature fluids ( max 200 degrees Celsius )
  • Easy calibration and easy installation

Helical Gear flow meter Technical Specifications

  • 1. Accuracy level: 0.5%, 0.2%, high accuracy flow meter. 
  • 2. The temperature of the measured liquids: with high temperature radiator, max temperature can reach 250 °C, can be made into high temperature flow meter.
  • 3. Ambient temperature can be -41 ° C ~ +60 ° C
  • 4. Repeatability error: the repeatability error of the flowmeter does not exceed 1/3 of the basic error
  • 5. Flange standard: DIN ,PN16,PN25,PN40,PN64, JIS standard,10K,30K, ANSI,150LB,300#,60 LB standard.,etc. Can be made into high pressure positive displacement flow meter.
  • 6. Mechanical positive displacement flow meter or option with electronic transmitter to have digital display, pulse output or 4-20mA output; digital output RS485, MODBUS or HART protocol;
  • 7. Bi rotor flow meter flow meter size: 1inch, 2”, 3 inch dial BiRotor flow meter, 4 inch helical gear flow meter, 6 inch positive displacement flow meter, 8 inch Bi rotor flow meter, DN200 helical gear flow meter, 10 inch Brodie International BiRotor Positive Displacement Flow Meter, 12” Positive Displacement Flow Meters;
  • 8. Material options for Bi-rotor flow meter: cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel 304, SUS 316;
  • 9. Flow range (below is typical flow range for diesel volumetric flow measurement) 

1 inch Bi-rotor flow meter: 4.4-39.6 GPM 
DN50 ( 2 INCH) dial PD flow meter: 5-40 m3/h
DN80 ( 3 Inch) :1.25-10.5 BPM ( barrel per minute) 
DN100 ( 4” BiRotor flow meter sensor): 17-150 cubic meter per hour
6 inch BiRotor positive displacement meter: 25-250 m3/hr
8 inch Helical gear flow meters: 5132-52325 bbl/day 
10 “ dial size bi-rotor flow sensor : 50-500 m3/h
12 inch PD flow meter: 23775-211338 GPH  ( Gallon per hour)

BiRotor positive displacement meter applications:

Helical gear flow meters are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, transportation, shipbuilding, oil depot, terminal, tank truck and other departments, especially suitable for crude oil, refined oil, light hydrocarbon and other industrial liquids, it is also good for high viscosity liquid flow measurment, it is high viscosity flow meter.
Petroleum industry 
BiRotor positive displacement meter  can take industrial volumetric flow measurement of following liquid: asphalt, crude oil, gasoline, heavy oil, jet 4 fuel, light oil, liquefied petroleum gas, lubricants, kerosene, naphtha, paraffin liquid flow measurement applications 
Chemical industry
By choosing different material of biRotor positive displacement meter, PD flow meter can also take measurement of below liquid , even corrosive or aggressive liquid: Acetic acid, alcohol, ammonia, liquid CO2, caustic soda, softened water, formaldehyde, methanol, methyl chloride, naphthalene, nitric acid, lacquer, salt solution, solvent, sulfuric acid, monomer vinyl chloride, monomer vinyl acetate
Power industry
Trough No. C oil, crude oil flow rate measurement, softened water, heavy oil, naphtha
Shipbuilding and steelmaking industry
BiRotor positive displacement Flow meter can be used for marine boiler fuel oil, insulation oil, heavy oil, light oil, tar, gas turbine oil, water
Petroleum industry
Bi-rotor flow meter can measure below fluids flow rate: acetaldehyde, acetone, acrylic ester, benzene, butanol, ethanol, ethylene, liquefied petroleum gas, maleic anhydride, phthalic anhydride, propylene, styrene, toluene, xylene
Food industry
Alcohol, alcoholic beverages, butter, chocolate, animal fat, fatty acid, majonese, salt solution, vegetable oil, vinegar, water flow measurement. 
Pharmaceutical industry
By choose different flow sensor material , helical gear flow meter can be also used for acid solution, caustic soda, softened water, dilute hydrochloric acid, dilute sulfuric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid
Antifreeze solution, DDBS, softened water, ink, maleic anhydride, methyl toluene acrylate, plasticizer, water

BiRotor positive displacement Flow meter Price cost

BiRotor flow meter price is determined by many factors, such as brand, Brodie International POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT (PD) FLOW METERS / BiRotor will cost more , and Silver Automation Instruments sell low price but very quality Birotor flow meter from China positive displacement flow meter factory . Even from the same China flow meter manufacture, the price also varies according to the helical gear flow meter size , flow sensor material, flowmeter functions and so on. For example 1 inch Bi-Rotor flow meter with cast iron rotor and cast steel housing , mechanical register, price starts from dollars $ 1500 . Welcome to send specify inquiry to obtain the low cost flow meter price. 

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