Vortex shedding flow meter

STLU Series vortex flowmeter is a very versatile flow meter that can be used for flow metering, measurement and control of virtually all gases, liquids and vapors. It is worked on Karman Street principle and is a kind of volumetric flow meter.

Typical Application

Steam flow meter
Digital hot water flow meter
Digital Water Flow Meter
Biogas flow meter
KEROSENE flow meter
Methane gas flow meter
Gas flow meter
In-line air flow meter
Compressed air flow meter
CO2 gas flow meters
Oxygen(O2) Flow Meter
Helium gas flow meter
LPG Gas Flow meter
nitrogen flow meter/N2 Flow Meter

Currently we have various style vortex flow meters for different application

In-line vortex flow meter and insertion vortex flow meter
In-line vortex flow meter can be thread, wafer, flanged or tri-clamp process connection
Normal temperature (250°C) vortex flow meter or high temperature vortex flow meter
Economical frequency type vortex flow sensor or various output vortex flow transmitter
Internal temperature and pressure compensation or only one kind compensation, such as only temperature compensation or only pressure compensation, or no compensation type
Can have pulse, frequency or 4-20mA output or Hart ,Modbus


Large Turn down ratio: 1:10
The fluids working temperature can be high, the medium temperature can reach 350 °C or even higher;
No moving parts, no wear on the sensor, it performance with high reliability
The pressure loss is small
Easy flow meter construction and convenient to install
Output pulse signal is proportional to the flow, no zero drift
All stainless steel flow meter, standard 304 SST, option with 316 or 316L, it is corrosion-resistant flow meter