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How to choose suitable condensate water flow meter ?

Customers often request to measure flow rate of condensate water return from boiler or hot water pipe lines, this kind of has the features that:

The water temperature is high, so the water flow meter sensor should bear temp. around 150 (302).

The water could be with low conductivity or demineralized water, so the magnetic flow meter cannot work.

For condensate water flow measurement, we often choose liquid turbine flow meter or vortex flow meter. Both flow meters can bear high temperature also have no request for conductivity.

What are the principles for turbine flow meter (TUF flow meter) and vortex shedding flow meter?

Turbine flow meters apply the mechanical energy of the water to rotate the rotor inside the flow sensor, blades on the rotor are angled and delivery energy from the fluids stream into rotational energy. We often utilize TUF flow meter to measure flow rate of hydrocarbons, low corrosive or no corrosive chemical solutions, water, cryogenic liquids, milk, alcohol and so on.

Vortex flow meter are manufactured based on the Karman effect, Vortex flow meter can measure liquid, gas or vapor flow rate.

Both type flow meters are only intended to measure volumetric flow, not mass flow rate of condensate.

condensate water flow meter

How to choose a proper type condensate water flow meter?

1. Please provide your condensate flow range and your pipeline sizes

Condensate water flow meter supplier will select flow sensor size based on the water flow range and pipeline sizes. And the idea situation is that the flow meter sensor size is the same as the pipe size. We basically select the sensor size according to the operation flow, so customers should provide min flow, normal flow and max flow. The often request size is 2 inch ,4 inch ,6 inch condensate water flow meter.

2. Please provide operation temperature

Standard type vortex flow meter can bear temperature below 250 , and it is absolutely no problem for condensate water measurement, while normal type turbine flow meter only bear temperature below 80 , but we have options for max bear 150 with additional cost.

3. Please provide process connection

Both turbine flow meter and vortex flow meter have flange process connection, and we can even have wafer type for vortex flowmeters .

4. Condensate water flow meter functions you need?

Different customers have different functions request for the hot water flow meters, the main functions request by the customers are below

  • Digital display to show instant flow and total flow
  • 4-20mA current output or pulse output
  • RS 485 Modbus RTU functions
  • Hart Protocol
  • Battery powered or 24V DC or 220V AC power supply

These functions could have affect on the price cost of condensate flow sensor, so customers should specify these parameters and functions when inquiry the flow meter price cost.

Once customers provide sufficient parameters to flow meter supplier, they can choose suitable type also economical condensate water flow meter.

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