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CO2 gas flow meters

Carbon dioxide (CO2) gas is a colorless, odorless or slightly sour gas at normal temperature and pressure. It is also a common greenhouse gas, or one of the components of air (about 0.03% of the total volume of the atmosphere)

Carbon dioxide Usage

Gaseous carbon dioxide for carbonized soft drinks, pH control of water treatment processes, chemical processing, food preservation, inert protection of chemical and food processing processes, welding gases, plant growth stimulators, for hardening molds and cores in casting and for Pneumatic devices are also used as diluents for germicidal gases.
Carbon dioxide is very widely used and requires frequent measurements of carbon dioxide usage.
We supply digital type CO2 gas flow meters, it has features as below:

CO2 gas flow meters Features

  • 1) Digital display to show instant carbon dioxide flow rate and total flow consumption
  • 2) Digital gas flow meter to have 4-20mA or pulse output ,MODBUS,HART
  • 3) We can flow metering device to measure volumetric flow at working condition or have temperature and pressure compensation to get standard flow value.
  • 4) Different kinds process connection, such as wafer or flange or insertion type or thread connection type.
  • 5) High accuracy can reach to 1.0% upon request
  • 6) Various flow meter technologies available, such as thermal mass flow meter, gas turbine flow meter, vortex flow meter, coriolis mass flow meter and so on.
  • 7) Size from DN15 to DN2000 , normally request is 1” CO2 flow meter, or 2 inch digital inline gas flow meter, or 3” & 4” gas meter

If you have any request for CO2 flow meter, feel free to contact us to obtain the best price for gas sensor.

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