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Glucose Flow Meter

Glucose Flow Meter

Flowmeters for Glucose are needed

Glucose is a kind of organic compound, molecular formula C6H12O6, Glucose is widely used in fermentation industry, food industry, and chemical industry. in the fermentation industry, glucose is the basic nutrient base and is the main material of fermentation medium, such as antibiotics, monosodium glutamate, vitamins, amino acids, organic acids, enzymes, etc., which require a large amount of glucose. In chemical industry, liquid glucose is widely used in industry, such as adhesives, casting products, plastic products, printing and dyeing, tanning, electroplating, drilling, paint, soap, pesticides, etc. Flowmeter for Glucose is widely needed.

Tough job for Glucose flow measurement

But glucose flow rate measurement is very hard to measure, Glucose is very viscous, the viscosity increases as the temperature decreases, for example The viscosity of the Glucose is about 20000 CPS at 38°C and 4000 CPS at 49°C, and the fluidity is not good, high viscosity flow meters are needed. Few flow meters can work, but Coriolis flow emter can work on that high viscosity liquid. Syrup contains majorly sugar, glucose, some dairy components and few additives flavours,and Coriolis flow meter can work on mixed liquid mass flow measurement.

Glucose Coriolis mass flow meter

In the process of liquid glucose production, purchase, sale and storage, it involves not only the volume flow, but also the measurement of mass flow. They are an important basis for activities such as production process control, quality management, economic accounting, batch control and custody transfer.
Before the wide use of the Coriolis mass flowmeter, the previous mass flow measurement method was obtained indirectly through correction, conversion and compensation after measuring the density, volume, temperature, pressure and other parameters of the glucose. This glucose liquore measurement method has many intermediate links, large cumulative error, and it is difficult to guarantee the measurement accuracy. With the development of science and technology, the Coriolis mass flowmeter that directly measures mass flow came into being. Coriolis force,is a description of the offset of the linear motion of a mass point in a rotating system due to inertia relative to the linear motion of the rotating system. Mass flow meters are a typical application of Coriolis force. The Coriolis force is only related to the mass and speed of the glucose, and theoretically eliminates the influence of changes in parameters such as glucose syrup temperature, pressure, fluid state, viscosity, density, etc. on the measurement accuracy, and directly obtains various media under complex environmental conditions. Accurate flow value and density value do not need to be converted by intermediate parameters, avoiding measurement errors caused by intermediate conversion, so as to achieve high-accuracy and precise measurement. In the actual application process, it can improve the measurement of custody transfer and economic accounting. Accuracy, avoids unnecessary losses, and ensures the economic benefits of the factory

How glucose syrup Coriolis mass flow meters work?

The Coriolis force is based on the rotating system, and it is considered that there is a force that drives the trajectory of the particle motion to deviate. This force is the Coriolis force. The mass flowmeter allows the liquid glucose (Syrup) to be measured to pass through a rotating or vibrating measuring tube. The flow of the glucose in the pipeline is equivalent to linear motion. The rotation or vibration of the measuring tube will generate an angular velocity, because the rotation or vibration is driven by an external electromagnetic field. , has a fixed frequency, the Coriolis force of the fluid in the pipeline is only related to its mass and velocity, and the product of mass and velocity, that is, the flow velocity, is the mass flow that needs to be measured. Current products are replaced by pipe vibration to generate this angular velocity. Most of the mass flowmeter sensors currently used are CMF series "U" shape.

Specifications of Glucose flow meters

  • Glucose flow meters size: DN25,DN50,DN80,DN100,DN150,DN200, 1 inch, 2 inch piping,3 inch glucose flow meter, 4” glucose flow transmitters, 6 inch glucose mass flow meter;
  • Flow range for glucose flow meter: 0-1102 lb/h,0-100 kg/h,0-3 ton/hour,0- 10 t/h, 0-30 tonne per hour.,0-100 t/h,0-500 t/h .,etc;
  • In the actual use process and the test research, it is found that the flow rate of the conveying glucose syrup is preferably between 60% and 80% of the rated flow rate of the mass flowmeter, which is conducive to ensuring the accuracy and stability of the mass flowmeter operation. The fluctuation of flow should generally not exceed ±10%
  • Digital glucose flow meters to have output types of signals: 4~20mA DC analog, pulse, digital communication. Among them, the 4~20mADC analog can be configured as instantaneous flow, density or Temperature; pulse signal can be configured as mass flow or volume flow; communication interface MODBUS RS485 can output instant flow rate ,glucose total mass flow, density, temperature and diagnostic information of flowmeter;
  • Stainless steel flow meter for glucose flow measurement, it is sanitary and hygienic flowmeter ,option with tri-clamp or tri-clover connection or other food grade required , such as 50.5mm tri-clamp process connection;
  • Option with glucose batch control purpose, for example below process : pump will transfer the mixed syrup to the Cooker in two batches per hour, Each batch capacity is 125 ltrs max. One batch will take 5 - 6 minutes to complete the transfer to the Cooker, batch controller can realize above application.
  • Coriolis mass flow meter can also work on high temperature glucose flow, so that glucose can flow and the syrup could be continuously heated, such as the temperature can reach to 130°C or even higher.
  • Glucose flow meter has integral or remote reading display to show glucose syrup flow rate kg/h, tonne per hour, and indicate total syrup flow passing, glucose density also can be obtained by the Glucose Meter;

Conclusion of glucose flow meter

The invention of the Coriolis mass flowmeter is the result of decades of hard work in the scientific and technological world. Its advent has brought profound changes in glucose flow measurement technology. The Coriolis mass flowmeter has realized the direct measurement of glucose liquore mass flow .It can measure the characteristics of multiple media and multiple process parameters, and is widely used in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries.
In order to ensure the normal and reliable operation of the mass flowmeter, the influence of installation stress and other factors must be considered during the installation process, and the installation must be strictly standardized; during the use process, the instrument maintenance personnel and operators should consider the influence of fluid medium, pipeline flow, and back pressure. , pay attention to the zero point, small flow cutoff value, pressure, and drive gain value of the mass flowmeter. The above factors should be comprehensively analyzed during use. In the process of verification, disassembly and reassembly, it must be handled with care to ensure that the mass flowmeter sensor and transmitter are in good condition, to ensure that the measurement accuracy meets the requirements, and to ensure the smooth progress of the custody transfer.
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