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High precision liquid flow meter-Coriolis flow meter

What is the Coriolis Flow Meter?

When you want to measure the mass flow other than the volumetric consider using Coriolis flow meter. It uses the principle of inertia force on an object with reference to a rotating frame. The mass flow sensors have been in use since the 1970s when the first was built. It was named after a great engineer and mathematician. The Coriolis is very accurate with great accuracy from 0.1~0.2%

Over the past years, the need for the Coriolis flowmeter has been on the rise. Despite the high purchase cost, they are durable and need minimal maintenance. Most oil and gas industries are opting to use the Coriolis instead of differential pressure devices. The Coriolis meter achieves the high accuracy since it's not affected by the pressure.

High precision liquid flow meter-Coriolis flow meter

High precision Coriolis flow meter features and advantages

High Accuracy Measurement

The major advantage of the Coriolis flow meter is accuracy. When using the Coriolis flow meter, you can achieve more than 99.8 accuracies. The other meters cannot achieve such accuracy. When installing a meter, the objective is accuracy, thus we consider Coriolis flow meter.

No special Piping

The Coriolis flow meters do not require special piping. They are also easy and cheap to install. All the expensive accessories such a flow straightener, ultrasonic and straight pipes are not required. With that, you can save a cost during the installation.

Minimal Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, the Coriolis flow meter is the best deal. Although the cost of purchasing the meter is high, you will get the value in the long term. With minimal repairs, the meter can last for many years without disappointment. The meter takes a small space on your piping system.

Wide Measurement Range

With the Coriolis flow meter, you can take reading from fluids in different states. The viscosity of the fluid does not matter, high viscosity flowmeter, two-phase fluids, high-pressure gases, and high-density gases. All the measurements are accurate since the meter is not affected by pressure, temperature or density.

Electronic controls

With the use of electronic controls, the meter is efficient, flexible and effective. The operator can take the reading of the wide measurement. They can read the fluid temperature, density, mass flow, volumetric flow, among others. When using the Coriolis flow meter, you will not have to install other measuring operators to get the readings.

Application of high accuracy Coriolis Flow Meter.

Due to its high accuracy, the Coriolis flow Meter has a wide range of applications. Most industry who deals with fluids is going for Coriolis meter due to its low maintenance and high accuracy. Here are some applications of the Coriolis flow meter.

Oil & Gas

In the oil and gas industry, the meter is useful since they give a reliable and accurate measurement. Accuracy is of high importance in the oil and gas industry.


The Coriolis flow meter is made in such a way to meets all the needs of the marine industry.


In the industry that involves the movement of liquids, taking the measurement is not an option. You need to know the level of your production. With Coriolis, you have that covered.

Food & Beverage

The high accuracy Coriolis flow meter is very applicable in the food and beverages. When brewing, pasteurizing or batching, you need to ensure product quality. With the meter, you can take the necessary measurements accurately.

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