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SCCM flow meter

SCCM flow meter

An SCCM flow meter measures gas flow in small amounts and at low pressures. It's important in industries like making computer chips where controlling gas flow is super important for jobs like putting chemicals on chips, making designs, or cleaning with gas.

One type of SCCM flow meter is called a micro Thermal Mass Flow Meter. It works by seeing how a gas cools down a hot sensor. The cooler it gets, the faster the gas is flowing.

SCCM flow meters need to be really accurate, sensitive, and good at handling tiny gas flows. This is super important in places where even a little change in gas flow can mess up making stuff, like computer chips or medicine.

So, SCCM flow meters are really important tools for making sure everything goes smoothly in industries that need precise control of gas flow. They make sure things stay just right, even when working with tiny amounts of gas.
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