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Low flow gas flow meter

Low flow gas flow meter

What is Low flow gas flow meter?

Low flow gas flow meter is a device used to measure the flow rate of gas at relatively low flow rates which could be as low as 2 SCCM or 2 ml/min at standard condition. Low volume gas flow meter is designed to accurately measure the quantity of gas passing through a system or a specific point in a pipeline. Silver Automation Instruments offer very low gas flow meter or flow controller.

Low flow gas flow meter applications

Low flow gas flow meters are commonly used in various industries such as pharmaceutical, lab, research and development, chemical processing, and environmental monitoring, where precise and small flow rate gas flow measurements are crucial, for example small flow air flow meter, micro CO2 flow gas flow meter,  low volume natural gas flow meter,miniature nitrogen (N2) gas flow sensor,mixted gas HHO (Hydrogen Molecule, Hydrogen and Oxygen, separated, pure mixture) at low velocity.

How does low flow gas flow meter work?

Silver Automation Instruments offer low flow gas flow meter is a kind of thermal Mass Flow Meters: this micro flow gas flow meter operates on the principle of heat transfer. Miniature gas flow meters measure the cooling effect of gas flow on a heated sensor or the heat transferred to a flowing gas. The low velocity flow rate is calculated based on the temperature difference between the heated and cooled miniature gas flow meter sensor.

Technical Specifications of Micro flow gas flow meter

  • Can be digital micro gas flow meter or micro gas flow controller;
  • Gas can be detected by micro flow sensor: N2, H2, air, natural gas, CO2, biogas, helium gas, propane, mix gas, LPG,oxygen.etc.
  • Flow range by small gas flow meter: 2 SCCM, 0~100 sccm,0~200 SCCM, 300 ml/min, 1-500 ml/min, 0~1 lpm, 0-2 SLPM,5 Nl/min 0~10 L/M, 0~20 L/min, 0~30 SL/M;
  • Micro gas flow transmitter Output and Communication: micro gas flowmeter with 4-20mA current output and standard with MODBUS, RTU;
  • Pipeline size compatible: 1/8”, ¼”, M8, DN10mm, 1/2 inches,
  • Process connection: thread, compressing fittings or others
  • Miniature gas flow meter has small volume with only around 75mm length;
  • Max operation pressure is 16 bar , can also running as low pressure gas flow meter around 1 psi or atmosphere pressure, negative pressure;
  • Gas flow meter temperature: -40 ~220°C
  • Micro gas flow meter has electronic display to show mass flow, volume flow, total flow and low velocity gas information;
  • Digital small gas flow meter is options with max 2 relay outputs;

How to select a proper type low flow gas flow meter ?

When selecting a low flow gas flow meter, it's essential to consider factors such as the required flow range, gas composition, pressure, temperature, accuracy requirements, and compatibility with the specific gas and application. It's recommended to consult with a flow meter supplier or a professional to determine the most suitable meter for your specific needs, please email to get low price and affordable micro gas flow meter.

Low flow gas flow meter price

Although the volume of the micro gas flow meter is very small, the price is not particularly low. However, our company's supply of micro gas flow meters has been verified in the market for many years and has very stable working performance, and the price is also very low. The price of small flow gas flow meters is as low as $650. Welcome to provide detailed small flow gas measurement parameters by email We will choose a suitable and low-cost micro gas flow meter for you.
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