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Low flow oil flow meter

Low flow oil flow meter

Introduction of low flow oval gear flow meter 

In the intricate landscape of low flow oil flow measurement, precision and accuracy stand as pillars of paramount importance. When the task at hand is monitoring oil flow rates at minuscule levels, a special category of flow meters emerges - the oval gear flow meter. This article delves into the realm of low flow oil measurement and examines the unique capabilities, technical specifications, and applications of oval gear flow meters.

The Marvel of Oval Gear Flow Meters

Among the arsenal of inline digital flow meters, the oval gear flow meter shines as a beacon for ultra-low flow oil measurement. Its prowess lies in its ability to accurately gauge oil flows as low as 0.03 Liter/h (0.5-150 mL/min), rendering it a quintessential instrument for precision measurement. Operating on the principles of positive displacement, these flow meters ingeniously accumulate oil flow by dividing it into known volume increments. This volumetric approach allows for the precise assessment of the total oil flow based on the frequency of volume discharges.

A Universe of Oils: Compatibility and Viscosity 

The versatility of oval gear flow meters unveils itself in their compatibility with a wide spectrum of oils. Regardless of viscosity, these meters exhibit remarkable prowess in handling various oil types. From edible oils such as sesame, rapeseed, and soybean oil to industrial oils like hydraulic, gear, and compressor oil, oval gear flow meters provide a holistic solution for measuring oil flows across industries.

Technical Dimensions: Materials, Sizes, and Configurations

The construction of oval gear flow meters relies on robust materials to ensure durability and accuracy. Options such as PP, aluminum and stainless steel 316L empower these meters to endure diverse operational environments. A diverse array of flow sensor sizes, ranging from 2mm to 1 inches, further enhances their adaptability.

Temperature and pressure, two formidable variables in oil flow measurement, find their match in oval gear flow meters. Operating at temperatures up to 300°C and accommodating pressures of up to 5800 PSI, these meters display resilience in high-pressure and high-temperature scenarios. Moreover, they also possess the capability to function as low-pressure flow meters, making gravity-fed applications well within their purview.

Seamless integration into various systems is facilitated by an array of process connection options, including NPT, G1/2, JIS 10K, ANSI 150LB, 300LB, dernord, compression fittings, and hygienic tri-clamp or tri-clover connections.

Precision and Beyond: Accuracy and Additional Features

When precision is the watchword, oval gear flow meters stand as paragons of accuracy, boasting a remarkable accuracy level of 0.5%. The incorporation of a Hall flow meter, a digital oil flow meter with 24V DC power supply, and MODBUS RTU communication further fortifies their position in the realm of precision measurement. The inclusion of a 4-20mA output, frequency and pulse outputs within the low flow oil flow transmitter underscores their commitment to comprehensive measurement solutions.

Beyond micro low flow Oval Gear Flow Meters: Exploring Alternatives

While oval gear flow meters carve a niche for themselves in low flow oil measurement, other contenders also vie for attention. Micro Coriolis mass flow meters, for instance, present an intriguing alternative. With a minimum size of 3mm, these mass flow meters can accurately measure oil mass flows as low as 0-40 g/h, expanding the repertoire of options for meticulous oil flow measurement.

The Price of Precision: Accessible Excellence

The pursuit of precision need not be an extravagance. Oval gear flow meters, renowned for their accuracy and reliability, present an array of options to suit varying budgets. With prices starting at $420, these meters offer a compelling proposition for industries seeking to optimize their oil flow measurement processes without compromising on quality.

Conclusion of low flow oval gear flow meter

In the delicate art of oil flow measurement, the quest for precision finds a worthy ally in oval gear flow meters. Their ability to navigate the intricacies of ultra-low flow rates, their compatibility with diverse oils, and their comprehensive technical specifications make them indispensable tools across industries. As technology advances, the pursuit of precision will remain a constant, and oval gear flow meters stand as stalwarts in this journey towards measurement excellence.
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