Magnetic flow meter

Magnetic flow meter provides many obvious merits over traditional flow measurement and instrumentation in wide applications. It take measurement of conductive liquid ,even fluids with particles ,such as paper pulp, industry sewage, residential waste water, milk, juice, aggressive chemical solutions and so on. Silver Automation Instruments is a China magnetic flow meter supplier at low price cost also rugged quality.
Magnetic inductive flow meter is made by the flow transmitter and flow sensor; it is a kind of volumetric flow meter to detect liquid flow rate in a closed pipelines, and has no moving parts inside mag sensor, so little maintenance work is needed. The good point of inductive flow meter is that it can measure dirty liquid even will solids inside, such as slurry, grease, mud, also the .flow rate measurement is not affected by the liquid properties, such as temperature, viscosity ,and density.

Technical Specifications

✔   Large turn down ratio: 150:1
✔   Accuracy: 0.5%,0.25%
✔   Can be used as chemical flow meter or Acid resistant flow meter
✔   Electromagnetic flow transmitter output: 4-20mA, pulse
✔   Mag flow transmitters with communication: RS 485, Modbus RTU,Hart protocol, Profibus-DP
✔   Power supply: 220VAC, 24VDC, 3.6V battery
✔   Protection level: IP65, IP67, IP68
✔   Bidirectional measurement
✔   Different liner and electrodes material options for your various process measurements demands
✔   Electromagnetic flow sensor with different sensor size: such as 1 inch , 2 inch, 4 inch, 8 inch, 24 inch and so on
✔   Digital flow meter to show total flow and instant flow
In line type flow meter sensor or insertion type mag sensor available
✔   Process Connection: flange, tri-clamp, insertion type
✔   Remote type electromagnetic flow transmitter or intergral type options


Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction is used by magnetic flowmeters for determining the way liquid flows in a pipe. A magnetic field is produced in a mag flowmeter and routed into the liquid that flows through the pipe. According to Faraday’s Law, when a conductive liquid flows through the magnetic field, it causes electrodes found on the walls of the flow tubes to sense the voltage signal. With the fluid moving faster, there’s a more voltage generation in proportion to how the flowing liquid moves. To determine liquid flow, the voltage signal is processed by the electronic.
The mag meterr technology is different from other flowmeter technologies it that it produces signals which are flow-linear. For that reason, the magnetic flowmeters are associated with around 20:1 or are better without compromising accuracy. They are up to 23% of all the sold flowmeters.

Plusses and Minuses

The accuracy of electromagnetic flow meter is intermediate and is hence used regularly for commodity transfer unless in specific situations that involves fluid that is less costly like water. It is also adaptable for use in sanitary cases, sanitary magnetic flow meter is often requested by customers in food industry, such as milk, drinking water, juice.,etc. They consist of big line sizes. No induced pressure drop. Dirty liquids, as well as slurries, pulps, are ok. They are reliable and besides, not applicable on nonconductive fluids like oils. Gas flows or steam don’t register. Electrodes can be selected according to different applications, such as Hastelooy C, Titanium, Tantalum, Pt/iridium alloy.

Flow Meter Equivalent

SHD series magnetic flow meters has reliable performance and low price, can be equivalent of many top brands magnetic flow meters, below is the replacement magnetic flow meter brands and series at low cost.

Endress+Hauser, promag series flow meter cheap equivalent

KROHNE ,OPTIFLUX mag flow meter economical replacement

ABB electromagnetic flow meter low cost inexpensive replace

Yokogawa’s ADMAG series magnetic flow meters equivalent

Rosemount 8750W Magnetic Flow Meter, 8700W series replacement at low price cost and fast delivery time.

How Magnetic Flowmeters are used

Magnetic flowmeters are used for measuring the velocity of conductive liquids flowing in pipes, and they include water, acids, slurries and caustic. The correct measurement of mag flowmeters happens when the liquid’s electrical conductivity is higher than approximately 5μS/cm. Take precautions because the use of magnetic flowmeters on low-conductivity fluids like boiler feed water, deionized water (DI water), or hydrocarbons (oil ,fuel, diesel), may lead to the flowmeter turning off and measuring zero flow.
Since there is no option of flow by this flowmeter, it is therefore applicable for cleaning sanitary, corrosive, dirty, and abrasive liquids. When it comes to the conductive flow of liquids, magnetic flowmeters can be applicable, hence, because of their non-conductive nature & gaseous state, measuring hydrocarbons and gases is not possible.
Magnetic flowmeters require neither much upstream nor downstream straight run, hence installing them in relatively short meter runs is ideal. Magnetic flowmeters usually need 3-5 diameters of upstream straight run as well as 0-3 diameters of downstream straight run with measurements from the magnetic flowmeter electrodes'plane.
Dirty liquid applications are found in the wastewater, water, mining, power, mineral processing, pulp and paper, and chemical industries. Application of water and wastewater are made of custody transfer of liquids enforcements between wastewater/water districts. The use of magnetic flowmeters in water treatment plants is for measuring treated/untreated sewage, water, process water and chemicals. Mining & mineral process applications consist of process water, process slurry flows as well as heavy media flows.
Applications of corrosive liquids are commonly present in the chemical industry processes as well as in chemical feed systems that most industries use. Slurry applications are found commonly in the mineral processing, mining, pulp and paper, or wastewater industries.
Take precautions when it comes to magnetic flowmeter operations in vacuum service since certain magnetic flowmeter liners risk collapsing and sucking into the vacuum service and causing disastrous damage to the flowmeter. Be aware that if pipes are not exposed to vacuum service, it can result to vacuum conditions in the pipes. These are pipes that gas can condense inside in mostly abnormal conditions.
In a similar way, extreme temperature in magnetic flowmeters even momentarily in abnormal conditions can lead to permanent damage of flowmeter.

Industries Where Applicable

In the order of use, they are water/wastewater industry, chemical industry, food and beverage industry, oil and gas (however not for oil & gas fluids but supporting the processes), power industry, pulp and paper industry, metals and mining, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Caution for Magnetic Flowmeter Application

It is not proper to operate a magnetic flowmeter close to its electrical conductivity limit due to the risk of the flowmeter turning off. Keep space to change composition and conditions of operation which can change the liquid’s electrical conductivity.
Typical electromagnetic flowmeter applications are sized such that maximum flow velocity is around 2-3 meters each second. Differences in pressure constraints and/or conditions of processes may prevent the application of this over-all guideline. For instance, a larger magnetic flowmeter may be required for gravity-fed pipes to limit the pressure drop which allows the necessary amount of liquid to pass via the magnetic flowmeter with no backing up of the system of piping. This application will lead to a lower liquid velocity unlike a smaller flowmeter if operated at the same rate of flow in the larger flowmwter.

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