Magnetic flow meter

Magnetic flow meter provides many obvious merits over traditional flow measurement and instrumentation in wide applications. It take measurement of conductive liquid ,even fluids with particles ,such as paper pulp, industry sewage, residential waste water, milk, juice, aggressive chemical solutions and so on. Silver Automation Instruments is a China magnetic flow meter supplier at low price cost also rugged quality.
Magnetic inductive flow meter is made by the flow transmitter and flow sensor; it is a kind of volumetric flow meter to detect liquid flow rate in a closed pipelines, and has no moving parts inside mag sensor, so little maintenance work is needed. The good point of inductive flow meter is that it can measure dirty liquid even will solids inside, such as slurry, grease, mud, also the .flow rate measurement is not affected by the liquid properties, such as temperature, viscosity ,and density.

Technical Specifications

✔   Large turn down ratio: 150:1
✔   Accuracy: 0.5%,0.25%
✔   Electromagnetic flow transmitter output: 4-20mA, pulse
✔   Mag flow transmitters with communication: RS 485, Modbus RTU,Hart protocol, Profibus-DP
✔   Power supply: 220VAC, 24VDC, 3.6V battery
✔   Protection level: IP65, IP67, IP68
✔   Bidirectional measurement
✔   Different liner and electrodes material options for your various process measurements demands
✔   Electromagnetic flow sensor with different sensor size: such as 1 inch , 2 inch, 4 inch, 8 inch, 24 inch and so on
✔   Digital flow meter to show total flow and instant flow
In line type flow meter sensor or insertion type mag sensor available
✔   Process Connection: flange, tri-clamp, insertion type
✔   Remote type electromagnetic flow transmitter or intergral type options

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