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Bimetallic Thermometer

Bimetallic Thermometer

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Theory of Bimetallic Thermometer

Bimetallic thermometer from SILVER AUTOMATION INSTRUMENTS is a temperature-measuring instrument in which the differential thermal expansion of thin, dissimilar metals, bonded together into a narrow strip and coiled into the shape of a helix or spiral, is used to actuate a pointer of bimetal thermometer, it is dial temperature gauge.

Features of Bimetallic Thermometer

1. Resistance Thermometer directly display temperature in the field
2. Bimetallic stem thermometer has high reliability and long life expectancy
3. Many bimetallic coil thermometer structure form to meet different demands
4. As Bimetallic Thermometer manufacturer can custom the thermometer with different kinds functions, such as we can make thermocouple thermometer, platinum resistance thermometer , bimetallic thermometer with electrical contacts.

Application of Bimetallic Thermometer

It is one kind of bimetallic stemmed thermometer to measure middle and low temperature in the field. Bimetal temperature sensor could be used to directly measure temperature of liquid, vapor and gas ranging from -80 to 500℃.

Main Technical Parameters of Bimetallic Thermometer

1. Bimetallic Thermometer manufacture executive Standard: JB/T8803-1998
2. Bimetal Termometer nominal Diameter of Dial:60,100,150
3. Bi metal thermometer accuracy Class :( 1.0), 1.5
4. Thermal Response Time: 40s
5. Bimetallic temperature gauge Protection Class:IP65
6. Angle-adjusting Error: Bimetal temperature sensor shall be no more than1% of its measuring range
7. Return Error: bimetallic coil thermometer shall be no more than the absolute value of basic error limit.
8. Repeat: The repeat range of bimetallic expansion thermometer shall be no more than 1 /2 of absolute value of basic error limit.
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