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After Flow meter are built ,they need to be calibrated in the factory before sending to our customers, our flow meter manufactures have their own calibration facilities to perform calibrations.

If flow meter need high accuracy for custody transfer purpose, and not satisfied with our factory calibration facilities, we can provide third-party (independent) calibration facility with extra cost and longer delivery time.

We provide liquid and gas flow meters, and in most cases our flow meters are using MASTER METER method.

Master meter is a standard flow meter which has been calibrated in independent calibration facility with approved high accuracy. Then we connect the master meter in series with the flow meter need to calibrate, then test in different flow rate ( most cases we choose 3 points flow rate). We compare the result of master meter and under-test flow meter , at last  adjust under-test flow meter. However we regularly maintain our mater meter to ensure the reliable accuracy.

We also have Gravimetric Calibration for our electromagnetic flow meters. It ensures us to have better accuracy such as 0.25% to our customers.
The Gravimetric Calibration is weight the fluids through the under-test flow meters for a period of time.

The test medium for factory calibration is water, and for oval gear flow meter (positive displacement flow meters) are using diesel as calibrated medium. For gas meter calibration we use air as calibrating medium.

All our flow meters are calibrated in the manufacture department, and all is traceable in our factory record. If you need the calibration report, you just provide our flow meter factory No. of the flow meters and we can provide Factory Calibration Test Report to you.

However Flow meters need recalibrate after some time using, such as one or two years.

You can choose to dismount the flow meters and send back to our manufacturing department; however it is not recommended for its overseas high-cost transportation, we strongly recommend you to send the flow meters to an independent Calibration Facility in your nearby place to re-calibrate our flow meters.

Gas Flow meter Calibration Software

Gas Flow meter Calibration Software

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Liquid Flow meter Calibration Software

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Liquid Flow Meter Calibration Equipments

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