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Oval gear flow meters are often used to measure gear oil, it is a kind of economical and reliable solution for gear oil flow rate measurement.

When we talk about mechanical machines, quite a few of us have the know-how or the intricate details of how such mechanisms work. Our basic understanding is that of the existence of cogs and wheels that grind against each other to produce the desired output. To some extent, you may be right. But how do we maintain the functionality and optimum production of such machines? By introducing gear oil, we can prolong machine life and its proper function. We must understand what gear oil is.

Gear oil is a select type of oil used in gearboxes and other mechanical movable parts aimed at the reduction of friction and wear and tear on the tooth surfaces. It also aims at reducing heat emanating from the contact surfaces of the gear parts and prevents corrosion. It's essential to know the gear oil levels to avoid overheating, and this gets typically achieved by an oil flow meter. One of the most efficient meters is the oval gear flow meter.

Oval Gear Flow Meter

gear oil flow meter

This is a positive displacement flow meter that comprises of oval-shaped gears rotating inside a closed casing. The difference in pressure causes the meshing gears to rotate, trapping a fluid pocket between the gears and the outer casing, subsequently emptying it as it passes through to the next pipe. The use of the oval gear flow meter is quite rampant. Let us look into some of the reasons that facilitate its usage.

Why Oval Gear Flow Meter is Used to Measure Gear Oil

Some of the most common advantages that make the oval gear flow meter stand out include but not limited to;

They are incredibly accurate. Such meters get used in areas where obtaining high accuracy is required. Its quite commonly used in measuring expensive medium such as oil.

The oval gears in the oil flow meter measures using the rotation principle and pressure of the medium that is measured. It doesn't depend on the flow state of the medium, nor the requirements of a straight pipe from the upstream section.

The oval gear flow meter can easily measure high viscosity medium.

It's easily operable since one can directly read the flow instrument and doesn't require an external or alternative power source.

Given the plethora of flow pumps out there, it's important to note the features of the flow pump

Features of The Oval Gear Flow Meter

The oval flow meters are ruggedized and sturdy, built to operate in extreme conditions such as high-pressure environments with minimal maintenance.

Such meters require less frequent calibration compared to other meters for efficient functionality. However, you should note that prolonged non-calibration leads to variances in accuracy compared to other historical data.

It doesn't require a no-flow condition during installation; thus, it doesn't hamper the functionality of the device.

It also comes with a non-metallic version and can also be used in hazardous areas such as oil and gas areas.


Gear oil is an essential component in ensuring machine functionality. Further, having a gear oil flow meter in place ensures that the oil remains at its optimum level, thus reducing instances of wear and tear and overheating.

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