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10 inch electromagnetic flow meter

10 inch electromagnetic flow meter

What is 10” electromagnetic flow meter principle?

10” means DN250 flow sensor size, 10 inch eletromagnetic flow meters (EMF) have been used for continuous liquid flow measurement in industrial applications for long time. Magnetic induction flow meters are very suitable for liquids with a conductivity greater than 5 μS/cm. In addition to water and wastewater, sewage, other contaminated liquids are also typical applications. The basic measurement principle of mag meter is based on Faraday's law of induction. The coil of the magnetic flowmeter will generate a magnetic field perpendicular to the flow direction. Full bore electromagnetic flow meter can be used in Water & Wastewater Treatment plants, dredging applications ,municipal, agriculture, food and beverage, pump Stations, bulk & petrochemical, power industry  etc.

Fluids can be measured by 10 inch magnetic flow meter

Conductive liquid can be detected by 10” magnetic flow meter, such as clear water, acid, alkaline, molasses ,caustic, salt water, seawater with containing about sand, silt, gravel, mud, slurry, lime water, pulp, slurry, water treatment, sewage treatment, chemical solution, dirty water, tap water, drinking water, portable water, industrial water, raw river water, ground water, effluent, milk, soft water line, condensate water,hot water, waste water from canal etc.

10 inch magnetic flow meter technical specifications

  • Flow range for 10” electromagnetic flow meter: 90- 1800 m3/h or 396-7925 GPM
  • Flange Face to face dimension L= 450mm
  • Inline magnetic flow meter, full bore magnetic flow meter or insertion type magnetic flow meter
  • Pipe line material: can be mild steel, carbon steel, PVC , plastic , stainless steel etc
  • 10” magnetic flow meter lining material: Teflon, rubber, PFA,FEP etc
  • Electrodes material for NB 250mm magmeter: 316L stainless steel,hastelloy B, hastelloy C,Titanium, tantalum,pt/iridium alloy, tungsten carbide
  • Output: 4-20mA, pulse, frequency
  • Communication: RS485, HART, GPRS flow meter, Profibus –DP, can be used in Automatic SCADA System, PLC, and DCS
  • Digital 12” electromagnetic flow meter: digital display to show water totalized flow and flow rate, water forward flow and reverse flow
  • Flow Units options: GPM, L/h, L/m, L/s,m3/h ,m3/m,m3/s, t/h, t/m, t/s, kg/h, kg/m, kg/s
  • Power supply: 220V AC, 24V DC or battery power supply.

10” magnetic flow meter price

There are many factors determining the price of 10 inch electromagnetic flowmeters. First of all, the flow meter brand influences the price. For example, the price of KRONHE, E&H, ABB, ROSEMOUNT,YOKOGAWA is more expensive. Relatively speaking, the price of electromagnetic flowmeter from China flow meter factory is much cheaper.
The price of full bore mag flowmeter is also affected by the flow meter material, such as if you choose  stainless steel sensor, PFA lining, platinum electrodes, mag meter price is not cheap, the  flow meter material selection is determined by the measuring fluids , such as for river water flow  rate measurement, the price about 1000 US dollars (10” magnetic flow meter price ).
10” electromagnetic flowmeter cost is also affected by its functions, such as whether a GPRS water meter is required, whether a remote type electromagnetic flowmeter is required, whether a high-temperature electromagnetic flowmeter is required, whether a high-pressure magnetic flow meter is required, whether an explosion-proof electromagnetic flowmeter is required, and so on.
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Product Pictures for 10” magnetic flow meter

Inline type 10 inch mag meter
10" insertion magnetic flow meter

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