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Magnetic water flow meter

Magnetic water flow meter

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A magnetic flow meter is also known as mag meter or electromagnetic flowmeter is a flow transducer that measures the flow of fluids by sensing the voltage produced by the fluid. It is, In fact, EM flow meter is a volumetric flow meter that can be used for clean water and wastewater management and other wide range of applications. A magnetic water meter is, therefore, an industrial flow meter used for differential flow measurement.
The instrumentation of the magnetic water flow sensor consists of a pipe through which the liquid flows. Two electrodes are installed at the end walls of this cylindrical pipe and these electrodes are connected to an electric transmitter. Also, a device used for the generation of a magnetic field is installed exteriorly in the direction of the flow of liquid. The size of electromagnetic flow transmitter ranges from 0.125 to 79 inches with a velocity between 0.5 to 10 m/s. Mag flow water meter can be inline electronic water meter or insertion type electromagnetic flow meter.

Mag flow water meter Principle

Mag flow meter makes use of Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction as a general principle to measure fluid flow. A magnetic field is manually applied to a liquid or fluid flowing through a pipe. If the flowing liquid is a conductor, it follows the Faradays law to measure the flow. The flow of the conducting fluid through a pipe will create a voltage difference across the pipe. This voltage is sensed by the two electrodes placed at the end of the flow tube walls. Now according to Faraday's law, the voltage generated is directly proportional to the fluid flow, therefore, the greater is the flow or velocity of the fluid, the more voltage will be generated sensed by the measuring electrodes. The electrodes are connected to an electronic transmitter that finds the value of fluid flow.

Magnetic water flow meter Applications

Electromagnetic flow meters have large applications, because it can choose different lining material and electrodes material to suit different applications, no matter clean water or dirty water, magnetic flow metre can all work.
Magnetic flow meter has higher efficacy for corrosive conditions like abrasives and slurries, it also has a lot applications in water or wastewater industries primarily. This water management involves flow measurement of clean water like tap water, drink water, portable water or dirty water, like effluent water and saline water of seas, acid corrosive water.,etc. The water treatment plants use this flow meter to measure both treated and untreated waste and water and chemical processing. Other less common uses involve food and beverages, chemical industries, paper, and pulp industries and other pharmaceutical and mining industries. Although they are not applicable to oil and gas they are less commonly used in oil and gas industries for the support of processes.

Pros and cons

These flow meters are 23 % of the total sold flow meters. However, they also come up with certain pros and cons. These magnetic flowmeters cannot be used in non-conductive water, like DI water, RO water, condensate, On the other hand, oils and other non-conductive fluids are not applicable for measurement. Magnetic water flow meters are accurate. And the active measurement of less expensive fluids like water is possible with greater efficacy. Thus they are employed mostly for sanitary use. Lack of pressure drop and availability of greater line size is another one of its significance.

Precautionary use

Full bore electromagnetic flow meter is only used for the fluids that have electrical conductivity of 5μS/cm therefore liquids with lower conductivity measure zero flow. The obstruction to fluid flow is almost null so it can be used for sanitary, clean, dirty and corrosive fluids. Good care is needed to use these flow meters in vacuum services because of the risk of collapse and damage to the flow meter. While measuring the flow, make sure that the meter is filled completely with fluid otherwise the precision of measurement is affected. The vacuum condition and excessive temperature can damage the meter so these conditions should be avoided.

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