Metal tube variable area flow meter/Rotameter

Metal tube rotameter is a kind variable area flow meter; it is rugged also versatile in many fluids volumetric flow measurement applications, such as liquid, air, gas or vapor. Silver Automation instruments supply many kinds in-line rotameter for different purpose, such as
✔  Direct reading type rotameter flow indicator
Metal tube rotameter with digital flow transmitter
High temperature rotameter
Sanitary and Hygienic tri-clamp type rotamers
PTFE lined VA flow meter for aggressive liquid flow measurement
Horizontal mounting Variable area flow meter/rotameter
Low flow variable area flow meter
High pressure type rotameter
Thread connection VA flow meter
Option :Rotameter with 4-20ma output


Direct in-line type flow indicator and no power supply needed
Can be featured with digital rotameter flow transmitter with 4-20mA, pulse, alarm switches
From China variable area flow meters supplier, low price cost also stable performance
Wide rangeability:10:1
All stainless steel flow meter, 304 SST, 316 SST,316L, even possible with Titanium alloy
Low flow flow meter
Low pressure drop
Can be with no power supply, or battery, or 24VDC, or 220V AC,electronic rotameter
Different sensor size from DN15 to DN200( 8 inch rotameter)

Variable area flow metr overview

A wide variety of flow-meters are available in the market. Although the Variable Area (VA) flow-meters may not be the most versatile equipment in their category due to the fact that they have numerous limitations on their functionality, they're still hugely popular in the markets all over the world. Arguably, the main reason for rotameter flow-meters to be favored by many customers is their low cost.

The cost of a variable area rotameter flow-meter is generally much lower than other types of flow-meters making them an ideal choice for those users who need effective and inexpensive solutions. While you're looking for a flow-meter, if cost is your main consideration, the rotameter type is your best option.

Metal Tube Rotameter flow meter equivalent

HH50 series metal tube variable area flow meter is an economical equivalent of many top brands VA flow meters, we can replace below brands at very low price cost of below brands:


ABB Variable Area Flowmeters (Rotameters) inexpensive replacements

Brooks instruments , Armoured Metal Tube Flow Meter low cost equivalents

Yokogawa Rotameters (Variable Area Flow Meters) low price replacements.

Types of rotameter Flow-Meters.

Even among the variable area flow meters, you get variations in cost. This is based on the material used for the meter's construction. The cheapest rotameter meters are made of plastic, which may be used for fluids having low temperatures and low to normal pressures. Glass made VA meters may be used for average temperatures and pressures, while for high temperature fluids with high pressures, metal tube varaiblea area flow meter/rotameter should be utilized, which are the costliest.

There are different types of rotameter flow-meters for different applications. If you're looking only to determine whether there's any flow of fluid or not, without any alarm, there are rotameters flow meters for this task. In some cases, you might need a VA meter to measure the flow. You can buy a VA meter, which gives the flow reading and has to be read manually or you may go for a variablea area flow meter transmitter fitted VA meter with analog 4-20mA output. Whatever may be your requirement, you can find a suitable Rotameter flowmeter for it at an economical cost.

Utility of VA Flow-Meters. While the rotameter flowmeters are mostly used in processing industry, they also find wide variety of other uses such as in laboratory testing and research works. They're utilized for in these fields for air and gas flow measurements in low flow rate measurement applications. The VA meters are typically best for all fields where visual measurements are adequate without much precision. They are sometimes also used to keep a check on the functioning of other flow meters or as a secondary measurement mechanism. Almost all OEM applications continue to use the metal-tube rotameter flow meters including those made with plastic.

Latest Technological Developments in VA Flow-Meters

The development of transmitter output for variable area flowmeter has been one of the most important stepping stones in the applications of these pocket friendly meters. Currently it can be with digital display ,24V DC or 220V AC power supply , 4-20mA output or RS485 RTU communication . Besides, the Highway Admissible Remote Transducer (or HART) protocol is now available in some of the new models of VA flow meters, which further enhances the utility of these equipment. They can be used as more than just a visual indicator as it's possible to control and record readings remotely. In a word, metallic tube rotameter with transmitters are widely used.

Another variety of variable area flow meters, known as the purge-meters has recently been developed that can handle different low flow applications. Float designs and metal tube construction materials are other research areas for flow meters. In the overall scenario, the VA flow meters continue to be used in almost all fields wherever precise flow measurements are not mandatory.

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