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Electronic rotameter

Electronic rotameter

  • Gas flow rotameter

    Gas flow rotameter

    Gas flow rotameter is a measuringinstrument for various gas flow measuring applications. It monitors the flowrate in the...

  • Digital Metal Tube Rotameter

    Digital Metal Tube Rotameter

    Rotameter digital, also known as variablearea flow meter is a device that measures flow rates of different fluids within...

Electronic rotameter meets modern industry demand to have digital flow indicator also with various outputs for different process control. These rugged electronic metal meters are mechanical devices that provide flow measuring services for various fluids. They are unique in their ability to measure flow rates in high pressure and temperature conditions. They also provide safe and easy installation plans for a wide range of industries.

Working principle of electronic rotameter

A sharp-edged tube made from metal, a conical float suspended inside the tube and a sensor are the characteristic parts of this flow meter. This design favors better stability than the other forms that include glass tubes and plastic tube meters. Their action is based on variable area principle. The flow of water causes a lift in the float until its weight and buoyancy establish the equilibrium. The height of the float varies according to the flow and this height is the major factor determining the flow rate. Thus variable area of float helps in the calculation of rate of flow of liquid. Electronic variable area flow meter has various output ,such as 4-20mA or alarm relays.

Benefits of electronic variable area flow meter

  • 1- Liquid and gas containing pipes can be used for installation and measurement.
  • 2- It contains resistance against corrosives and hazardous environments.
  • 3- High accuracy even under the extremes of temperature and pressure is provided.
  • 4- Metallic elements provide durability and stability for longer periods of time.
  • 5- Electronic rotameter not only indicate flow rate ,also total flow
  • 6- Electronic roatmeter with transmitters 4-20mA
  • 7-Electronic VA flow meter option with HART or MODBUS


The commercial use of electronic Rotameter is wide due to advanced and specific features. Clean and wastewater plants mostly use such flowmeters. Other common industries using digital Rotameter involve food processing plants, pharmaceutical industries, steam and gas-related industries, mining and fluid monitoring plants.
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