Oval gear flow meter

LC series oval gear flowmeter is a kind of positive displacement flow meter (PD flow meter); it is also a kind of in-line volumetric flow meter. Its measuring flow volume with two oval shape gear, Gear rotate when flow pass on measuring chamber and magnetic pickup sensor use for measuring quantity of rotation of gear, and each rotation equal to fix volume of  fluid. Oval gear flow sensor has simple construction but rugged design to operate in harsh environment. This type oval flow meters is mainly used to measure fuel oil, gasoline, marine heavy oil, diesel, gear oil, molasses, sauces, molasses, syrups, resin, creams.,etc. Gear driven flow meter is widely used in industry ,marine, metallurgy industry. Oval gear flow sensor is a kind of economical and reliable solution for fuel and oil flow rate measurement.

Oval Gear Type Flow Meter Working Principle

An oval gear type flow meter works on the simple mechanical action of liquid pushing a wheel. This principle was first demonstrated in the use of water wheels to grind grain.
The basic construction is two oval gears with interlocking teeth, one of which contains a magnet inside a robust housing. The metered liquid enters the chamber and pushes the gears round to exit the chamber. The precisely engineered gears rotate on a bearing and the magnet is resistant to chemical damage.
The liquid fills the spaces between the gear teeth and the outer wall of the casing. Capillary action provides a liquid seal meaning that the precise volume of liquid in the space is accurate and consistent. Each chamber is filled and emptied on a constant cycle – positive displacement.
Every rotation of the gears measures the same volume of liquid. A sensor on the outside of the chamber detects the pulse of the magnet moving past, counting the number of rotations. The number of rotations measures the volume of liquid passing through the oval gear flow meter.


Perfect choice to use as high viscosity flow meter
High accuracy flow meter: 0.5% or option 0.2%
ml/min liquid flow meter option available, low flow liquid flow meter
Can be made into in-line mechanical flow meter or with pulse or 4-20mA output
Various materials available: cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel 304 or 316L
No straight pipeline required when installing
Sensor size from DN 2 to DN200 (8 inch oval gear flow meter)
Low price cost oil flow meter, such as heavy oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil, light oil, diesel oil, palm oil, edible oil .,etc

mechanical oil flow meter

Oval gear flow meter price

Oval gear flow meter price is determined by many factors:
Flow meter size, from DN2 ~DN200
Oval flow meter material: cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel 304 or stainless steel 316, different material different price
Oval gear flow meter functions

  • a. Mechanical register or electronic type digital oval gear flow meter with transmitter
  • b. Oval gear digital meter option with Output: 4~20mA ,HART, Pulse or  RS485
  • c. High viscosity type oval gear flow meter or high temperature type oval gear flow meter
  • d. High pressure oval gear flow meter or not

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Oval Gear Flow Meter Usage

An oval flow meter measures the flow of any liquid from honey to engine oil. These meters have a wide range of industrial applications across all types of processes. They work best with high viscosity fluids but can measure any fluid flow, including water with the right materials and engineering.

Typical applications are the measurement of fuels for heating and marine applications. When liquids are blended, an oval flow meter gives accurate, repeatable measurements of the volumes used allowing for a consistent production process. High-cost fluids used in any industry can be measured precisely to establish cost control and highlight excessive usage.

If the process uses a liquid, then an oval flow meter can be used to monitor that fluid. This simple device measures liquid flow in chemical plants, fuel production, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food production and many more industries, it can be used as viscous liquid flow meter ,fluids with max viscosity 2000 mpa.s.

Oval Gear Flow Meter Advantages

Once installed, an oval gear flow meter works accurately without maintenance for many years. It has a minimum number of moving parts and operates by the mechanical flow of liquid.

The oval gear flow meter is built to withstand harsh environmental conditions and gives a high level of accurate metering for the chosen liquid. The simple mechanical construction deals well with changes in temperature, pulsating flow, and changes in viscosity. Oval gear flowmeter is often used in Marine & Shipping Industry to measure marine fuel, heavy oil,engine oil flow rate.

The robust, long-lived oval gear flow transmitter is an economical method of measuring fluid flow with no running costs.

The installation of an gear type flow meter is straight forward, and it can be positioned in awkward spaces because it does not need a straight pipe run. The fluid measurement is in regular operation (no need to divert into a separate area), which means the oval gear flow meter integrates into any industrial process.

Oval flow meters are simple to construct but very versatile in size and use of materials, and they measure fluids accurately, consistently and work for years without needing maintenance.

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