Low flow magnetic flow meter

Low flow magnetic flow meter

Low flow mag meters can handle liquid flow as low as to 0.33 LPM (0.09GPM), the mini mag flow sensor size we can provide is 1/8”,1/4”,3/8”,1/2”,3/4”. Micro flow magnetic flow meters are used widely in chemical or fertilizer injection industries.

Low flow mag flow meter flow range and Size

Size mm          size (inch)    Flow range( m3/h)         Flow range(GPM)

4mm               1/8”            0.02-0.4m³/h              0.09- 1.76 GPM

6mm               1/4”            0.05-1 m³/h               0.22-4.4 GPM

10mm              3/8”           0.14-2.7 m³/h             0.62-11.89 GPM

15mm              1/2”           0.3-6 m³/h                1.32-26.42 GPM

Features of low flow magnetic flow meter

No moving parts inside flow meter sensor
Suitable for small size liquid measurement at low flow rate
Beside water flow , it can measure strong aggressive and corrosive liquid, such as HCL, H₂SO₄,  caustic soda,  Phosphoric acid, hydrofluoric acid (HF acid),nitric acid.,etc
All stainless steel material electromagnetic flow meter
Digital display to show instant flow and total flow
In-line type miniature mag flow meter
Flow range:0.5~10 m/s
Forward and reverse flow measurement, bi-directional flow meter

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