Pressure Gauge

We are distributor for Xudong Instruments Factory for industrial pressure gauges.
XuDong Instruments Factory was established in 1985 and is a China pressure gauge manufacturer achieved pioneer status in terms of technology, manufacturing capabilities and building a large clientele based. It is Industrial Pressure Gauge Manufacture center of SILVER AUTOMATION INSTRUMENTS.
We hold expertise in offering a wide complete range of cheap Pressure Gauges with rugged construction and reliable performance.

We are in a unique position to have total system capability to solve customers’ problems. With the help of latest technology to test & monitor each manometer production process & uncompromising commitment to quality, customer gets the product, which meets the highest standards of pointer pressure gauge. We value ethics, commitment & integrity the most, which has been our philosophy for achieving total customer satisfaction. Our wide range of pressure gauges includes:
  • Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge (Manómetros tipo Bourdon)
  • Stainless steel Pressure gauge
  • Diaphragm seal Pressure Gauge
  • Capsule Pressure Gauge (low pressure gauge)
  • Ammonia Pressure Gauge
  • Compound Pressure Gauge
  • Oil filled Pressure gauge (glycerin filled pressure gauge)
  • Electric Contact Gauge
  • Resistance transmitter pressure gauges
  • Differential Pressure Gauge

Clients from varied parts of the worldwide widely appreciate our manometers with rugged construction and reliable performance. Furthermore, to ensure the quality of the offered mechanical pressure gauge our quality experts stringently examine all the products before delivery. Furthermore, as a China pressure gauge factory, the pressure gauge price is cheap and the delivery time is fast, and custom pressure gauge is welcome.

A fully equipped plant, clean and easy flow of production includes inward supply, designing, pressure gauge meter assembly, and quality testing and efficiency control. All the industrial pressure gauges are tested and calibrated at various stages to ensure proper working.

We have a state-of-the- art pressure gauge manufacturer infrastructure, with high quality and latest machineries. We have a separate department,manned by experienced experts, for industrial manometer inspection. Besides, we also have an extremely talented group of R&D team whose motive is to serve and give you highly advanced new products from time to time. Welcome to receive your inquiry for pressure gauge cost with your demanded specifications.

As a professional stainless steel pressure meter factory, we have developed a Customize manometer gauge that allows customers to quickly and easily specify an industrial pressure Gauge with the exact specifications required for their application.
  • Custom Dial Artwork
  • Custom Dial size , such as 6 inch pressure gauge, 4 inch pressure gauge.,etc.
  • OEM logo
  • Pressure Scale (such as 100 psi pressure gauge, 0-15 psi pressure gauge, high pressure gauge )
  • Non-Standard Mountings, such as bottom mount pressure gauge, panel mount pressure gauge
  • Electric Contacts
  • Liquid Filling ,such as glycerine pressure gauge
  • Different Pressure units,kpa, mpa, psi, kg/cm2, inhg, mmwc, bar pressure gauge, mmhg pressure gauge,etc.
  • Case & Ring & movement material, such as need stainless steel gauge, brass pressure gauge. Or any special requirement you have for the manometer.