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0~1 psi pressure gauge

0~1 psi pressure gauge

What is 0-1 PSI pressure gauge?

0~1 PSI is around 6.8 Kpa, it is very low pressure range. We can buy low pressure gauge to detect 0-1 PSI.
The low pressure gauge is also called a capsule pressure gauge. Low range pressure gauge is suitable for measuring the low pressure of liquid, air, gas or steam. It is widely used in boiler ventilation, gas pipelines, combustion devices and other similar equipment.

How 0~1 PSI pressure gauge composed?

The 0-1 PSI manometer is composed of measuring system (including joints, bellows bellows, etc.), transmission mechanism (including rod pulling mechanism, gear transmission mechanism), indicating parts (including pointer and dial) and housing (including case, ring and glass) composition.

0~1 PSI pressure gauge specifications

  • Measuring low pressure range: 0-1PSI, 0-3PSI, 0-5PSI,low pressure gauge Kpa, 0-25 Kpa, 0-30Kpa ,0-50Kpa, or vacuum range -16~0KPA,-2.5-0KPA,-500~0Pa,mbar, Kpa vacuum gauge
  • Pressure unit: PSI, KPA, PA, mmH2O,in H20
  • Low pressure gauge dial size: 60mm, 4” 6”,
  • Glycerine filled ,liquid filled or dry type low pressure gauge
  • Material for 0-1PSI pressure gauge: brass or stainless steel
  • Mounting: bottom, back with front flanges
  • Manometer Connection: 1/2 NPT, 1/4 NPT, 1/8BSP,1/2BSP.etc
  • Can be also coupled with diaphragm seals for low pressure acid gas, such as HCL, hydrofluoric acid, wet or dry chlorine
  • Low price cost 0-1PSI pressure gauge from China pressure gauge factory, price starts from $ 34

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