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Which Factors to Affect the Pressure Gauge Accuracy?

Pressure gauge uses elastic components (such as bourdon tube, diaphragm) as sensitive components, measuring and indicating the pressure value above the ambient pressure, the application is extremely common, it is used in almost all industrial processes and scientific research. Users need to pay attention to below factors which can affect the accuracy of Pressure Gauge.

High Temperature To Affect Accuracy

If the medium temperature is too high, it will cause bourdon tube deform. Moreover, if the high temperature medium acts on the bourdon tube for a long time, and the bend is permanently deformed which will surely affect pressure gauge accuracy.

What we should do in High Temperature?

In high temperature working, users can install some devices to decrease the high temperature affect the pressure gauge, such as siphon, radiator, diaphragm, and capillary and so on.

high temperature pressure gauge

Freezing and Vibration To Affect Pressure Gauge Accuracy

If the pressure gauge is installed outside the boiler, it is greatly affected by external conditions. If the outside temperature is too low, frozen, or from various vibrations inside the boiler body and pressure gauge, it will affect the sensitivity and accuracy of the gauge pointer.

What can we do to prevent vibration and freezing?

Users can install a thermal insulation device to avoid freeze;

Users can install a buffer device to decrease vibration effect. For example,  T-Cock Valves.


Overload To Affect Pressure Gauge Accuracy

When pressure gauge is working under high pressure for long time, it will push the bourdon tube working in extreme state which will weaken the performance of elastic components and the components deform. It is not good at all if the pressure gauge is working over 2/3 of the full pressure range.

What can we do to solve the problem?

We should inform the pressure gauge manufacture about your normal operation pressure range, they normally will select the pressure range twice of your normal working range.

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